Clarionet – Sailing Sunday


CLARIONET – Sailing Sunday

Woody Alan Sexton sent in the above photos of the yacht Clarionet hauled out back in April at the Sandspit Yacht Club.
Interesting design, Alan suspects from the East Coast, USA.
I know one should never assume anything but we both assume her shallow draft accommodates a centreboard, also assume she sports a bowsprit.
Can anyone tell us more about Clarionet?
Hopefully with good luck as you read this, I’ll be moored a long way up the Wairoa River at Clevedon waiting for the tide to come in so we can make the trip backdown the river. Lots of photos from the Woody Classics Weekend overnight BBQ cruise to the Clevedon Cruising Club on Monday.
And A Wee Bonus Today – some wonderful sailing footage of the then just relaunched – Kelpie of Falmouth

Classic Woodys at Sandspit Marina






Classic Woodys at Sandspit Marina

A couple of weeks ago I was up Sandspit way & spent an hour or so mooching around the new (ish) marina. Very impressive set up & with the yacht club’s haul-out facilities its a prefect spot to keep a woody. The real win win factor is the proximity of the ‘Greg Lees Boatbuilder’ yard, in recent years Greg & his talented team have rubbed the magic wand over some of our finest classic woodys. Just type Greg Lees in the WW search box to see the level of workmanship & perfection.

I have included a few photos of the motor camp where I stayed with my ex woodys boater – Chris Miller in this stunning motor home. 

A real bonus was the amazing meal & service we had at the Sandspit Yacht Club on Saturday night – I was expecting burgers & fries but no – everything – décor, service & the food was superb – check it out if you are up that way. The scallop entree was as good as anything you would get in Auckland City. Photos below.


Update: I have been sent by Dean Wright the photo below of the dinghy ‘Tiki’ in happier times 🙂


Gaza (Astra)


GAZA (Astra)

Mooching around the wharf at Sandspit a few weeks ago, I spied Gaza tied up alongside the Kawau Island ferry berth.

Any Sandpit  woodys able to enlighten us on her?, she appeared to be a well looked after classic. Next week I’ll do a story on the woodys berthed at the new (ish) Sandpit Marina.

Ken Ricketts believe’s Gaza was previously named Astra & most likely a McGeady design.


Kawau Island Boats & Baches


Kawau Island Boats & Baches

Recently I had had enough of weekends in Auckland so with the wife out of town, I took the opportunity to escape & experience the 2nd to last stage that some of us go thru e.g. yacht > launch> motorhome > death.

An old neighbour & friend Chris Miller, owns a large motorhome, so we headed north to Sandspit – & booked into the camping ground for the weekend.

On Saturday we took the ferry to Kawau Island for what is known as the ‘Royal Mail Run’ – the boat mooches around the island dropping off / picking up passengers & freight for all the private jetties. While not a woody, the ferry trip is a must do, you get to visit most of the bays & can even enjoy a wine or two.

The photos above are a random gallery of the woodys I spotted on the trip & some of the waterfront holiday homes.




I have been waiting for details, ex the owner, on the above launch for a while & to date have received nothing so thought I would post the photos & see what we can dig up.

I took the photos of this very pretty boat while aboard Trinidad on-route to Greg Lees shed at Sandspit. I understand that she was ‘rescued’ from a farm paddock in West Auckland & has been restored & recently relaunched.

Would love to to hear / see more details about the restoration project 😉


FYI – Some interesting waitematawoodys blogsite stats from 2015

1. The ww site was viewed over 830,000 times in 2015
2. The busiest day of the year was Feb 9th with over 13,000 visitors – the post that day was on the 2015 Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Parade
3. In 2015 there were over 400 new posts, growing the total archive to over 1,400 posts
4. The post that got the most views in 2015 was ‘Chris McMullen’s ‘Electrochemical Damage To Wood’
5. The vessel topic post that got the most views was the restoration of the classic launch Arohanui, with over 10,000 in the first 24 hours.
6. ww had visitors from 151 countries – the most came from NZ. Australia & the USA were not far behind. My challenge in 2016 is to improve the UK viewing audience
7. The 3 most active commenters were – Harold Kidd, Whangateau Traditional Boats & Nathan Herbert
8. There are lots of stats on ‘where you came from’ i.e. the web browsers you use & where you have been before visiting the ww site & where you go afterwards – very interesting to a marketer like me, but boring to most of you 🙂 I will say that you not big facebook users 😉