Kawau Island Boats & Baches


Kawau Island Boats & Baches

Recently I had had enough of weekends in Auckland so with the wife out of town, I took the opportunity to escape & experience the 2nd to last stage that some of us go thru e.g. yacht > launch> motorhome > death.

An old neighbour & friend Chris Miller, owns a large motorhome, so we headed north to Sandspit – & booked into the camping ground for the weekend.

On Saturday we took the ferry to Kawau Island for what is known as the ‘Royal Mail Run’ – the boat mooches around the island dropping off / picking up passengers & freight for all the private jetties. While not a woody, the ferry trip is a must do, you get to visit most of the bays & can even enjoy a wine or two.

The photos above are a random gallery of the woodys I spotted on the trip & some of the waterfront holiday homes.


5 thoughts on “Kawau Island Boats & Baches

  1. Wonderful shots as always, you even captured one of the baches (now Houses) that I spent considerable time at in the early seventies, great to see the same owners still working there, I visit as often as I can. A shame about Marge and Wallys place in North Cove demolished 10 years ago to be replaced by an unfinished project….


  2. Hi, great stuff, great photo`s. For those that have never visited Kawau, as you say the mail run and Mansion House visit are really worth while visiting. Kawau is a lovely Island with lovely bays. Cheers.


  3. Hi Alan, the amazing power of the Waitemata Woodies website! You captured in your pictures of Vivian Bay Kawau both our launch Juanita as well as my wife Anna and I walking along the beach. Was noted by my sharp eyed brother who lives in Rhode Island USA who passed it on to my sister who lives in Dubai! All I can say is that I would have been in some trouble if it wasn’t my wife!


  4. Kawau has changed somewhat since the 50’s and 60’s!
    Next, how about a Grand Tour of the Tamaki River and the great variety of structures, and boats moored the length of it, before a section is destroyed forever for the new bridge crossing soon to start?


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