Gaza (Astra)


GAZA (Astra)

Mooching around the wharf at Sandspit a few weeks ago, I spied Gaza tied up alongside the Kawau Island ferry berth.

Any Sandpit  woodys able to enlighten us on her?, she appeared to be a well looked after classic. Next week I’ll do a story on the woodys berthed at the new (ish) Sandpit Marina.

Ken Ricketts believe’s Gaza was previously named Astra & most likely a McGeady design.


4 thoughts on “Gaza (Astra)

  1. Have just cross referenced her to the images I took in 2015, & she has the mast in the same place, no portholes in the flair, (unusual for a McGeady boat), the name on the tuck in the same colour & style, & her windows are the same shape, placing, & number, with the sweep in the deck starting at the same place. There is no doubt she is the ASTRA. — Much prefer the original name. Must be some personal association for the present one I would say. KEN R


  2. Little doubt to me, she’s one of the smaller McGeady’s & probably ASTRA with a rename — she’s lived up there for many years — KEN R


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