Classic Woodys at Sandspit Marina






Classic Woodys at Sandspit Marina

A couple of weeks ago I was up Sandspit way & spent an hour or so mooching around the new (ish) marina. Very impressive set up & with the yacht club’s haul-out facilities its a prefect spot to keep a woody. The real win win factor is the proximity of the ‘Greg Lees Boatbuilder’ yard, in recent years Greg & his talented team have rubbed the magic wand over some of our finest classic woodys. Just type Greg Lees in the WW search box to see the level of workmanship & perfection.

I have included a few photos of the motor camp where I stayed with my ex woodys boater – Chris Miller in this stunning motor home. 

A real bonus was the amazing meal & service we had at the Sandspit Yacht Club on Saturday night – I was expecting burgers & fries but no – everything – décor, service & the food was superb – check it out if you are up that way. The scallop entree was as good as anything you would get in Auckland City. Photos below.


Update: I have been sent by Dean Wright the photo below of the dinghy ‘Tiki’ in happier times 🙂




Today ww is showcasing the 34’4″ launch Tara, owned by ex commercial fisherman Glynn Anderson. Glynn bought Tara to provide the family with a ‘floating bach’ & with her current configuration she is certainly that. Tara’s previous owner was Harry and Gay Suttclife of Snells Beach & Harry believes Tara was built around 1910-1920 but has no proof, there is no sign of a builders mark.
Glynn understands the Suttclife’s owned her for 20+ years & when they acquired she was in a sorry state & saved her from certain death. During this restoration period they built the topsides & added the wide belting for ease of walking along the sides.
Harry Suttclife told Glynn that she was either called Tara or Tara II when he got her but thought that there was a name change somewhere along the line so her history was lost .
Glynn would love to uncover more details on Tara’s past – so woodys can anyone help?

24-07-2016 Haold Kidd Input

All I have on a local TARA (and there may have been more than one) is that she was owned by V.B. Trainer of Howick in 1973. Another (or the same) TARA was for sale on TradeMe in 2012 at Warkworth as a 36 footer powered by a D series Ford diesel. She was said to be “rebuilt in early postwar years but early”. I reckon it’s this boat.
Her hull is very like a Bailey & Lowe stock 35 footer of the period 1910 onwards, perhaps with a raised foredeck.