The photos above of Mistletoe were taken by Dean Wright back in 2007 at the Whangaroa Game Fishing Club competition. She certainly is a salty old girl.
Anyone able to tell us more about her and where she is today?
We also see Little Hinemoa and the yacht Puff.
Garcon – Cute Work Boat
The photo below, ex WoodenBoat fb, is proof that with a good eye and a little love even a 2020 built 21’ work boat can be pleasing to the eye. Built by Doug Cooper at Eldred Cooper Boats in Falmouth, Massachusetts, she is strip-planked cedar on oak – very smart 🙂
Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 7.10.37 AM

4 thoughts on “Mistletoe

  1. Mistletoe was a mullet boat, I 17, 22-24 foot – Is this her? The pin rail is very mullet boat! Two “Mistletoes” are listed – one at Houhora (this one?) & one at Waiheke. Any info welcome as we head towards the centenary of the Lipton Cup at Ponsonby Cruising Club.


  2. She’s at Bradley’s towing in houhora. Was in a bit of a sad state when pulled out and won’t have gotten any better. Robert had plans of getting her back to her former glory however I don’t know if it will happen. ☹️


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