Mistletoe 228 – Sailing Sunday



Mistletoe 228 – Sailing Sunday

When I first saw the above two photos from the Tudor Collins Auckland Museum collection I had a chuckle, there has to be a story behind these photos. Venue most likely is Great Barrier Island. Photos emailed to me by Ken Ricketts.

Do we know any more about her?

Photos below ex Dean Wright of Mistletoe at Whangaroa Marina 2007. Nice to see she survived 🙂

25-10-2016 Update ex Alice Morrison

I recall seeing a very similar vessel called ‘Mistletoe’ in Houhora on 11 February 2016 (picture below). I wonder if she is Mistletoe I or Mistletoe II?


6 thoughts on “Mistletoe 228 – Sailing Sunday

  1. I have an early picture of MISTLETOE II carrying the sail number I7, must be about 1923. She has no cabintop, just low coamings and open. Like many of the early mulletties, she probably used a big cockpit cover for shelter at night and at her moorings. So still searching for those half moon ports.


  2. Those half moon ports should help with id. The MISTLETOE at the top of the page is unlikely to be the Houhora boat because that one retains the dee-front cabintop while the boat in theTudor Collins pic has had an unlovely but practical square-fronted cabin top built on.
    I’ll have a look at some early shots of M2 tonight.


  3. The Fred Mann-built 24ft mullet boats MISTLETOE and MISTLETOE II have been on WW before.
    Both were pretty much off the same moulds and are hard to follow. The first MISTLETOE was built in 1904 and the second in 1914. The first MISTLETOE stopped racing much after 1914 and seems to have been sold for fishing while MISTLETOE II carried on racing under I7 for many years.
    I think this is the first MISTLETOE which was owned by the Kasper brothers at Mahurangi in 1925 and stayed there until at least 1940. She had an auxiliary engine by 1925 and raced in the Mahurangi Regatta held on Boxing Day 1939 as a launch. Of course Mahurangi was Tudor Collins’ patch and I reckon he took this pic at Mahurangi some time around 1939/40 if not at the Regatta itself.


  4. I Have it from somewhere during my extensive research of the Tudor Collins’ records, that in these images, the young ladies on the deck, were being ferried to school, but can’t be certain where this info came from now. — KEN R


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