Kaheno Looking For A Cheap Waterfront Bach

This 45’9” 1966 classic trawler styled Carey motorboat is built using stripped planked kauri & powered by a 135hp Gardner 6LS engine. She was converted to a live-aboard & ticks all the boxes for what I call a floating bach.

Asking price on trademe is $249k, I suspect it will sell for less but what ever the price – it’s a cheap holiday home or a city waterfront apartment. Again thanks to Ian McDonald for sniffing this one out 🙂

Update from Ian McDonald
It would appear that the vessel is ‘Kaheno’ – desined by Carey of Picton & built in 1966 by Sinclair & Melbourne. She was once owned by the Salvation Army to service Rotoroa Island. She tragically sank with the loss of 4 lives in the Tamaki Strait circa 1986 whilst carrying timber as deck cargo from memory.

8 thoughts on “Kaheno

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  2. Nothing wrong with her design, just idiots loading too much deck cargo. Adding ballast would be the typical reaction from the then Marine Dept who knew nothing about small boat design. Almost as pathetic as the bunch of clowns running Maritime NZ today.
    Her designer Roger Cary would have known far more about boats than any person in the Marine Dept.


  3. Yes I remember seeing her there many times, & as you say, she was always pristine, with the barge a little further out in the bay, behind her.
    We dragged right past the barge at 2am one night, in a nor east gale night & just got under way in time, before hitting the reef. — Really spooky in a night like that. — KEN R.


  4. Yes a 6lx. Her original engine rebuilt and maintained by seagars after her sad mishap along with overhauling all her mechanical systems. The salvation army retreat centre kept her in pristine condition right up to the day she was sold. Geoff the skipper kept her in A plus order and had the trip times down to the last 5 minits.
    She towed their barge, deliverd fuel and was the island shuttle for “the guests”


  5. Ian is quite correct. Kaheno sank when capsised by a squall. She sank in the bay just east of Rocky Bay.She was top heavy from a load of timber stacked on the cabin top.Three people were drowned in the sea,while a small child was trapped below deck. The body was recovered when Kaheno was salvaged,& slipped in Auckland.
    Following an inquiry, concrete ballast was added to the bilges,& no cargo to be stowed on the cabin top.
    A sad episode for a very pretty little work boat.


  6. I can find no reference on Google to a Gardner “6LS” engine, & suggest that perhaps it may be a typing error & the engine may well be a “6LX” Gardner engine. — KEN R


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