Mullet Boat SoS + CYA News

Mullet Boat SoS
photos ex Tom Kidd & Nick Atkinson facebook page

Today’s post is a cry out to the owner of a Mullet boat that appears to have been abandoned at Te Atatu. The story goes something like this – a guy turns with the boat on a trailer 4 weeks ago & launches her at the bottom of Oliver Road so her planks could take up before he sailed it to Waiheke Island. Then he disappears & no one has seen him since. Talk is it will be chopped up soon if its not taken away.

Kidd Family (Harold & Tim) Input – the owner may be Mike Knuckley. And she was (tbc) built in 1904 by Fred Mann, sail # I-7. There is confusion as to her actual build date as there were 2 identical Mistletoe’s, one built in 1904 & the other in 1913.

So woodys – anyone know the owner? if so give them are rather big nudge.

Time For Some CYA News
See flyer below for the annual Patio Bay Weekend – the biggest & best event on the CYA calendar. Click to enlarge.

Also below is the latest edition of the Classic Journal (if hard to read, blue link below will download a copy)

Issue 103

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