An Evill Boat

An Evill Boat

I posted a few weeks ago about a 14′ clinker motorboat, built in 1914 by Miller & Tunnage that was heading north, in fact to Waiheke Island, Auckland.
You can read all about the history behind the boat here

Today post documents its journey to Waiheke Island.

It all started when Tim Evill called me & told me he had bought the clinker off trademe & he was having the boat & her trailer trucked up to Auckland. A few days later Tim & I have borrowed my wife’s ute, she’s a landscape gardener 😉  & Tim & I are driving around Penrose looking for a freight depot. We hook her up & head off to Bayswater to launch her, the plan being to put her on a berth at the marina for a week to take up (been out of the water for 2>3 yrs). You know what they say about plans – ‘if it can go wrong, it will’ – we backed her down the ramp & straight away the water starts p_ssing in – big time, a bucket & a big manual bilge pump could not keep up. So before she sank we started the single banger motor & did a few circles in her & popped back on the trailer.

Time for a team talk, I suggest to Tim if she was mine I would be taking her up to Pam & George at the Whangateau Traditional Boat yard & letting her sit in the back tidal estuary for a few weeks. So Tim heads back to Waiheke & the boats parked on my front lawn.

Next we borrow the ute again & head off on a road trip to Whangateau. We safely deposited her into Pam & George’s experienced hands, then I had a mission dragging Tim away from the shed & Laughing Lady (the boat not Pam). Over the next few weeks Pam sent us photos & trip reports (laps of the bay).
Tim collected her this week on a totally foul day & caught the car ferry to Waiheke Island. Home is now Sandy Bay so keep an eye out her.

Now I’m sick of calling her ‘the boat’, ‘she’ etc – so how about we suggest a few names for her – with Tim’s surname (Evill) it could be amusing – the best one wins a ww t-shirt.
And b4 you say anything Jason P, I have yours on board Raindance & will give it to you at Patio Bay. Just finalizing the logo & will be printing more – details soon.

Bayswater Launching

Back In Devonport

Dropping Off At Whangateau

On Holiday at WTB

Collection Day

At Home At Last


10 thoughts on “An Evill Boat

  1. I’m sure that Tim is sick of puns on his surname (no kidding) although LESSER is pretty damn clever. If he wants a maori name, may I suggest MOKOMOKO, lizard, usually the companion of WHIRO (evil)?


  2. Agreed, not the The Evil Boat. A New Zealand – Maori name for sure.
    Shes a very gentle, sea kindly giant I found. Take her for a proper spin Tim and spend some time with her in the water, you’ll see.

    Shes a proper boat Dave Jackson would say ” a no Bull S#*~t boat.” She’s like ROMANY. – but hey!, what is it about you guys that you have to drop your pants when mucking on with these boats?
    Look at the lovely placement of her planking … And the bow sits as it ought to, once laden…


  3. If she really is a Port Chalmers boat, the Māori name for the port was ‘Potakere’ or ‘Pou-takere’. A boat like this is evocative of a man’s dreams so how about “Dreamtime”. In Māori that’d be Marupō (Dream) maybe. Yeah, most boats like this get more basic sometimes bestial names from their owners. But anything but The Evil Boat. Harold is the Māori scholar…..


  4. What a great yarn …worthy of its own chapter in your memoirs… 🙂 How about “Sea No Evil” Cheers, Les


  5. Alan, You didn’t say anything about the engine. — Could I venture a guess & suggest that perhaps it might be a Petter or a Lister diesel, — am I right? — Both tend to be painted green & be made in that type of engine. Do you know the manufacturing time frame & her engine history, & how long since the engine was run etc.?


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