photo ex Pam Cundy

Realized today that we have not had a ‘mystery launch’ quiz in a while so here we go – she was berthed in the estuary behind the Whangateau Traditional Boat yard.

When looking for a suitable photo to post this one just jumped out as it also features a rather special boat, the steam ship Romany II. I was gifted the tiller one day by her Captain, Russell Ward, on a misty morning on Lake Rotoiti & I was hooked on steam.

So woodys – who can ID the launch?

Update ex Pam Cundy
Strange coincidence Alan, Sarina is going back in the water at the top of the tide today, see photos below. She’s been out for 8 months having a refit – out with the BMC Commodor and a reconditioned Perkins in as the replacement.
The builder does remain a mystery.  Current owner, Kevin Lawton, took over his fathers boat after his passing. Sarina has been in the family for about 25 years.
Kevin seems to recall mention of Jack Telford building her at Milford around 1961-2. Can any one verify this ?


12 thoughts on “Sarina

  1. That’s where I have seen that sheer line before! I think John B may be on the money, not the Keith Park boat?


  2. Amazing how giggly they get after only one cup of Romany’s herbal tea!
    PS there was a girl aboard sensibly navigating from the bow.

    Murray – I think Chris Miller would take offense to being called a girl 🙂 AH


  3. I am almost certain the mystery boat today is one of Allen Williams BANSHEE designs and probably built by him
    John Blundell


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