Today’s story features the launch – Hinemoa. Search on-line all I could uncover was that Hinemoa was Russell, Bay of Islands based. From the photo its hard to tell if she was a commercial game boat or privately owned, either way they knew how to catch fish.
Do we know any more about Hinemoa?
(photo sent in by Dean Wright)
Input from Nathan Herbert – Nathan pointed me in the direction of the  Auckland Library photo archives – the photo below shows (L>R) Lady Doreen, Esperanza and Hinemoa of a rocky cliff in the BOI. Hinemoa has a marlin hanging off the port side.
Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 11.10.46 AM
Update 30-05-2021 – Photo below off cape Brett, taken in 1951 by Tudor Collins (ex K Rickets)
Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 3.33.40 PM
If you believe some people,  waitematawoodys.com killed the CYA Forum – I tend to think WW just accelerated its demise. But I was saddened to get a note that the forum had been closed down. While few CYA members used it these days, it was a window for people to reach out for help and advice when needed. To fill any void WW yesterday added a HELP function to the site.
WW has an amazing following among the marine trade and talented ‘amateurs’, most of these people are very happy to provided guidance if asked. I have been fielding questions via email for years but let’s try to bring some order to it. If you click the ‘button’ (example below) it will take you to a specific page – then just ask away in the LEAVE a REPLY section at the bottom of the page and we will endeavour to help you 🙂
Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 1.32.25 PM
Update 30-05-2021 – Photo below off cape Brett, taken in 1951 by Tudor Collins (ex K Rickets)

5 thoughts on “Hinemoa

  1. Hello
    The science of prop matching is a ‘dark art’. I would suggest that you contact the NZ Lombardini agents for their recommendation. They will ask you boat length, hull shape, displacement hull/ approx weight, ideally an out of water hull photo. Cheers Alan H


  2. Dear WordPress, I am installing a Lombardini LDW 1003M 30hp Diesel engine in my 24`carvel launch, and would appreciate any help regarding propeller size. The gearbox reduction is 2.6-~ 1


  3. Tim, the only ref I have to this AWATERE is when A.Hanna won the 1928 Pahi Regatta Sealed Handicap launch race with her.


  4. I wonder if anyone has heard of a boat called Awatere. She was a straight stemmed boat of maybe twenty six feet built I would think around the mid twenties for my grandfather. She lived on the Kaipara up until at least the 1970s.


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