The above photo of Gem comes to us from Brian Cuthbert via Baden Pascoe.
Very few boats live up to their name but this one does – for a work boat Gem is very pretty. Anyone able to tell us who designed / built her?
Also what’s the large boat behind her and who built her?
Check out this youtube video of the 130’ J-Class Endeavour in full flight – amazing footage of one of the world’s coolest classics – enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Gem

  1. Not sure how the J class got onto this thread – they have pulled out of coming to NZ.

    Read the story Mr Horsley and all will be clear. I had heard gossip that the J’s had pulled out, but had not had confirmation – but I’m sure your source 😉 is onto it. Very sad. Unless we retain the cup, I doubt we will see them again. AH


  2. Lets hope the J class yachts make it down next year for the AC and have their regatta.
    I was privileged to see 3 J class yachts beating up the Solent during the 150 year AC celebration – a sight I will never forget.


  3. Endeavour like all the J class are awe inspiring to observe sailing, those of us that worked on her last refit here can only hope that the class still make their way here for next years events, it is after all a safer haven than their usual haunts in the med.


  4. Built pre SEP 1961 at GISBORNE arrival .. 30 x 10,5 x i 3,9 Kauri for FRED HALL distinguished World War II pilot ..Lost DEC 1962 ..Wreckage found REG no 48 ,confirmed by Roger Carey builder whos daughter Joan Clark wrote detailed book BY BOATS WE LIVE ( CAREY builds + designs ) Dicko


  5. Can’t place the location or the larger boat (though I feel I ought to be able to) but isn’t Gem an early Roger Carey?


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