Isa Lei – What Is Happening



Isa Lei first popped up on WW back in July 2013, link below. Since then she has ghosted for view, so today is shout out for an update on her status.
We know the she was built by Lidgard Bros. and launched in 1939. When launched she was named Taiparu. Lots more details in the 2013 link.
Recently the top photo of Isa Lei surfaced on Lew Redwoods fb – in the photo she is seen hauled out in a paddock near Coromandel (photo ex Ann Hood)
Nathan Herbert supplied the 2nd photo, taken in the 1960’s from the family launch – Pacific. She certainly was easier on the eye before the block of flats was added 😉
In the montage of images below again ex Ann Hood we see various the various ’stages’ of the evolution of Isa Lei.
Bit down today – I was booked to be climbing on a big bird to Sydney for their Wooden Boat Festival this weekend – thanks CV-19 😦
Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 6.37.59 PM
 Input from Glenn Martin – I drive past every few months hoping Lotto comes so she can be rescued…..
Something For Stick & Rag Boys
The ‘Buchanan Collection’ at the Auckland Council Library is an amazing collection of approx. 750 black & white yachting photos – see pages 1>4 – I’m not sure if its new or old but the photos have just started popping up all over the web. 
Link below

6 thoughts on “Isa Lei – What Is Happening

  1. The Buchanan collection was brilliant thanks Alan. I have now lost 3 hours of life I will never get back but who cares!. It was great to also see smaller keelers of the D.E F divisions, normally only the A class tend to be shown.


  2. She had been at Waitangi, I believe, a few years ago. So sad to see her so unloved, one of my most favorite boats. Has an originally identical, sister ship, WAKATERE, except that WAKATERE had a dodger from new. Last saw WAKATERE on the lawn of a house in Te Atatu North, about 8-10 years ago. KEN R (edited AH)


  3. Thanks for the Buchanan collection search – I got pics of 2 keelers I had crewed on in the 1960 – 1970s.


  4. She is still on the hard at Coromandel after sinking on her mooring in Coromandel harbour a few years back. She is being used as a sleep out. I would love to rescue her with the aid of Lotto! Will send some pics…..


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