Lucinda Re-Launched

Version 2





Well woodys, after nearly two & half years hauled out at the Milford Cruising Club slip, on Saturday afternoon, Nathan Herbert re-launched his 1930, 28′ L. Coulthard launch – Lucinda. A group of approx. 40 family & friends came together to celebrate the event & help ease Luci back into the creek.

A few cold beverages, some bubbles & a good old fashioned kiwi spread – sausage rolls, asparagus bread wraps, bacon & egg pie & a cake – doesn’t get much better my eyes.
In the above photos, you’ll see lots of Nathan sporting a PS (permanent smile) & rightly so, it was after, his day. I apologize for the background noise in the videos, the wind was howling at the time. Remember if you click on the photos, they enlarge 😉

You can read & see more on Lucinda here

While mooching around the creek I spotted something that I thought I would never see – the ex whale chaser, Rorqual sans her hot-house top, see photo below. It is only temporary as new owner Andrew Miller is half way through a make over that will see her returned to a similar look as before but utilizing the best materials & systems. And if I did not post a photo of Murray Deeble’s wee day boat I would have ended up in the creek 🙂



And its not too late to complete the on-line ww classic boating activity survey – click blue link below

The Evolution of a Whale Chaser

Rorqual 1986

The Evolution of a Whale Chaser
The photo ex Paul Drake (others ex Chris Miller)

Yesterday was one of those days when ww turns up a gem. There are a few photos from the early days c.1960 of the Jack Morgan designed & built Perano whale chaser Rorqual & there are also lots of present days photos but to the best of my knowledge there were none of her in the ‘between years’.

Then whamo out of the blue Paul Drake sends me the above photo of Rorqual hauled out at Mana, just north of Wellington, in about 1986. This would be just before she was rebuilt /re-powered in 1988.
As Paul commented looking at her lying over on her chine, one could be forgiven for fearing for her future, but of course she survived.

Searching ‘Rorqual’ in the ww Search Box will show you a lot more detail, or if your tight on time, this link will taken to a great story on her past
Now the question for her owners Andrew & Alex Millers (sons of Chris Miller)  –  when is she booked into the time-machine for a trip back to 1986? 😉

Evolution Gallery Below

Rorqual and others

Rorqual 1

Rorqual 1986

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 4.20.12 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 4.18.04 PM

Waiheke Island Mooching + Mystery Boat to ID

Waiheke Island Mooching

Bumped into a few old girls around Waiheke Island in the weekend – Safari, Nereides, Silens, Rorqual, Raindance & one newbie to me – anyone able to ID the launch below?
The island retailers must have had a blast – sun shining both days & lots of tourists, both international & day trippers. Great to see Nereides looking 110% post her wee dip last season.Oneroa has become a serious foodie spot + the craft beers on tap are rather good 😉

In a previous post Harold Kidd According commented that in the old APYMBA records a launch named Karina was built in Auckland by Brin Wilson and fitted with a Parsons diesel. Her first owners were T.J. & N.B. Price and then J & N Grieve (1970). Maybe the launch below is this one?

photo below of Karina from Ken Ricketts


Rorqual 4-Sale


Rorqual was built c.1960 in Picton by Jack Morgan for the Perano family as a 39’3″ (12m) Tory Channel whaler chaser.  Completely rebuilt / converted in 1988 by then owner Tom Birsdall and boat builder Geoff Bagnall. She was also fitted with a completely rebuilt aluminum 380 HP 671 Detroit engine, that is fitted with a German turbocharger + the standard GM supercharger, all this pushes Rorqual along at a comfortable cruising speed of 14-16 knts. Top speed ? lets just say few CYA launches would beat her in a straight line.

Double diagonal kauri hull and sapele mahogany topsides with glass over ply decks and cabin tops, all recently painted. Hull and decks painted in 2013, cabin tops 2012.
Sleeps 7 but better with 4 🙂
Extensive upgrades & enhancements – check trademe listing for full details.

The seller has had another mid-life crisis 🙂 e.g. the toy chain looks like this –   Jetski>Launch>Caravan > Campervan, so now the launch has to go – thence the owner is VERY open to discussions around how you could own a piece of NZ’s maritime history.

ph 021 961 936

Winter – yeah right

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Winter – yeah right

Forecast looked good & I had a wee bit of reading (work) to catch up on so I gave Raindance a fright & slipped the lines on Friday morning & headed down to Waiheke Island. Chris Miller (Rorqual) came down late afternoon. We were rewarded with a great weather, mill pond bay & crystal clear water. Plus not a lot of boats overnighted.