Lucinda Hauls Out

Lucinda Hauls Out

With the money that Nathan received from Sanfords for the mussels he harvested off Lucinda a few months ago, he can now begin the main project, which started yesterday with hauling out at Milford Cruising Club. Unable to make the journey under her own steam (motor out), WildDuck provided the legs to get her up the creek.

Nice to see the CYA yacht captain (Dan Renall) on hand to help with the water blasting.

Beneath all that old paint lies a very pretty launch with good bones, a quick glance at her ‘bottom’ says she should get along very nicely.

ww looks forward to following this project, Nathan has good bones himself so everything should get the tick from the CCC (classic compliance contingent) 🙂

To see more on Luncinda, type her name in the ww search box

An Update 11/07-2015

Now there has been a lot of work going on under the big tarp, but today Nathan was out of town so Jason Prew decided to test his router on the foredeck & fit some bling. A deck prism/ port light.

Update 30-08-2015

Things been happening under that cover, last time I was aboard it was looking very sad. Seems all the talk of working on cold winter nights were true 🙂

Nov 2015 Update

A peek under the covers 😉

03-01-2015 Another peek – I’ll be getting a reputation for lifting up old ladies skirts 😉

That prop is looking rather zoom zoom …….


16-04-2016 Update – the shiney paint an not be too far away 😉

36 thoughts on “Lucinda Hauls Out

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  3. It was made by Brent at Bri Ski, cant remember the pitch and diam but keen to see how she goes


  4. Ahaha Murray I forgot to tighten up ALL of the Vetus waterlock rings, hence the water in bilge!


  5. In leafy quiet Milford last night just as the sun set there came a rumble then a growl, real horsepower of the English kind, through the smoke you could just make out the smiles that wouldn’t go away from the two vintage racing launch enthusiasts, small children were nervous, she runs – progress is happening apace


  6. He really cares for that ship, blankets in the bilge so she doesn’t catch a chill, and the gourmet smells emitting from that cockpit a couple of nights ago!, the Lucy’s are set on raising the bar for small ship cruising , I only hope I can beat them back into the water.


  7. Bummer that I don’t have a cut back keel, that would have added a knot I bet, not cutting into disturbed water. I will be back on her in a few days sanding and priming side decks, and continuing the hateful job of painting inside. Painting is not my friend!! Also need to cut the panels for bunk in bow.


  8. He has some nice neighbours up there, though chewing the fat or should that be ‘kicking the deadwood’ with them probably hasn’t helped progress.


  9. 1 day too early :)may paint it tonight, or just admire it. Need more timber to trim the seats now, and must drill cutless inlets and affix prop :$


  10. Thanks Pam, yeah the inside is no longer physically dirty but still bad clothes for painting!


  11. Update time.

    I bought the boat with the idea of a full clean up and repaint.

    So far:

    -Topsides sanded and protective primed to slow the drying.
    -Galley, huge rusty freezer, etc tossed.
    -100% of interior, sole etc tossed in the skip bin including bulkheads.
    -Inside of hull stripped with a heatgun over many, many painstaking late winter nights.
    -Focsle cabin lining stripped.
    -10,000 rusty iron nails/tacks removed/ dug out
    -10 or 15 new ribs put in and riveted.
    -Some new frames and floors.
    -Completely new sump made and electroplated+painted.
    -Various engine parts (injectors etc etc) removed and reconditioned
    -New Jarrah engine beds fitted with hand made copper bolts.
    -Driveshaft/UJs rebuilt and repainted
    -Velvet drive stripped and repainted with new parts thanks James at Moon Engines
    -New white metal gland bearings
    -New aft bulkhead fitted
    -Saloon bunks framed up
    -Foredeck 6mm ply veneer peeled off along with toe rails and fittings to be replaced
    -New bellhousing adapted
    -Sierra Cosworth alternator to be fitted for more horsepowers 😛
    -Floors refastened
    -Cockpit side large windows removed to reveal a nice beveled edge which is to stay.

    Too much SH*T to name, but that is what I can think of just now.

    Currently trying to coerce anyone I can to help me with interior construction and fitout where possible! I am going to have engine box, helm etc cut on a 3 axis CNC so that I can construct it myself.

    Lots of people are helping me along the way who I will name closer to launch day!


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