Lucinda Nearly Ready To Splash


Lucinda Nearly Ready To Splash

ww has been following Nathan Herbert’s restoration of the 1930 L. Coulthard bridgedeck launch ‘Lucinda’ since early in 2014 when Nathan asked me who owned the what looked like abandoned 28′ launch moored off the Devonport Yacht Club (photo below). Post purchase, Nathan is on record as saying that he was hauling her out at Milford Cruising Club for a quick clean up & a lick of paint – well 2 years later, splash date is fast approaching & all the shiney bits are going on.
I dropped down to MCC over the weekend & the old girl is looking very smart.
When she slides back into the creek I’ll do a full post. Today’s one is more to keep the pressure on the boy to finish the job & start enjoying her.

Q: Whens the duck board going on Nathan ?, you will regret not putting one on 😉 and what is the car spot light doing on the cabin top ………….. 😦  I’m some one of the woodys must have a more suitable light gathering dust in their shed ?????

You can read / view more on Lucinda here

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 5.53.41 PM

31-07-2016 Update

Was driving home via Milford & took a wee detour to check on the progress – just in time to see the mast being stepped – looking very smart (excuse the photos the light was disappearing fast)

And the curtains are up 😉



8 thoughts on “Lucinda Nearly Ready To Splash

  1. Almost looks like she’s reborn, — absolutely lovely. — The dark coamings sure make a big difference as well. — Great, well done, Nathan. — KEN R


  2. What a transformation. Nath, you’ve done yourself proud. All that hard work slogging away, seemingly never ending has almost come to an end. It’s so nice to see a sad old boat brought back to life and given a second chance. We’re all looking forward to seeing her out on the water.


  3. Heheh. With the amount of gear going on her roof, that light will fade into the background 😉

    Good weekend just gone; all 7 varnished hardwood grab rails fitted to roof, bronze portholes fitted, nav light boxes fitted, various small accessories and parts final coated, hatches hinged, a couple of items wired etc. Mast with hinged bronze step almost ready 😀


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