Today’s photos, from the Tudor Collins collection, are of the 1938, 45′ Lidgard built bridgedecker Valsan. Harold Kidd commented previously on ww that Valsan was built for Alex Harvey Jr as a 38 footer with twin 90hp Grays. She was lengthened (as were so many of these big bridgedeckers) to 45ft by the time she went into NAPS as Z10 in 1942-3, possibly during the time she was being repaired after going up on the Castor Bay reef in February 1940. Peter Annan bought her when she was de-mobbed in 1944 and renamed her Lady Edith. Annan had been the long-term owner of the big Logan cutter Thelma. In 1948 Annan sold her to Arnold Baldwin who changed her name back to Valsan.

Lots of photos of Valsan on ww, just enter Valsan in the ww Search box to view.

4 thoughts on “Valsan

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  2. Valsan, the love of Jeff Rogers Life. Great work Guys, you should have a medal for the work, love and attention you gave her.


  3. Wonderful to see her as original, for first time, I have known her so very well from the mid 40s onwards, & knew she had been built as per the pics, but had never seen any of her — fantastic—- had coffee just recently, with AB’s daughter Maureen, — will ring & tell her about these. Great to see your input Neil, — we haven’t caught up for ages. — I too remember the Falcon era well.– KEN R


  4. I looked after Valsan for A B with Jeff Rogers as engineer when she had the Falcons and later with the Mitsubishi diesels they were 90 hp sixes


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