Tassie II + A Great Read



Tassie II

ww readers may recall that last year I was sent a collection of b/w photos by Rosemary Robinson, the granddaughter of L.C. Coulthard, boat builder of Onehunga. I featured the launch Doraine here & it generated a lot of chat. Amongst the photos were the above two & the name Tassie II, 1952, appeared close to the photos, but not directly underneath, so I’m a little uncertain to the actual name. I’m also assuming the location is Coulthard’s Onehunga yard.

Can any of the woodys confirm the name of the launch & supply an details on her ?

Finding Pax
Popped down to Boat Books in Westhaven last night to catch Kaci Cronkhite the author of ‘Finding Pax – The Unexpected Journey o a Little Wooden Boat’ speaking on her just released book. Kaci has impeccable woody credentials having spent 10+ years putting together the world famous Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival. Readers of the USA WoodenBoat magazine & followers of the WoodenBoat online forum will be familiar with her 1936 Danish designed & built spidsgatter (double-ender) yacht. The book chronicles Kaci’s purchase, restoration & subsequent search across 3 countries to uncover Pax’s past.
To quote John Summers, who reviewed the book for WoodenBoat magazine – “this is a book to curl up with & reflect on. Cronkhite’s writing is lucid & heartfelt, feelings at times more like a glimpse into a personal diary than a personal book. Reading it may make you want to by an old wooden boat of your own. Don’t say I didn’t warn you”

Copies are available for the very modest price of $35 from Boat Books   https://www.boatbooks.co.nz/
The photo below I snapped on the iphone is of Kaci’s personal copy with the dog-eared page makers, from which she read exerts.


Lucinda Re-Launched

Version 2





Well woodys, after nearly two & half years hauled out at the Milford Cruising Club slip, on Saturday afternoon, Nathan Herbert re-launched his 1930, 28′ L. Coulthard launch – Lucinda. A group of approx. 40 family & friends came together to celebrate the event & help ease Luci back into the creek.

A few cold beverages, some bubbles & a good old fashioned kiwi spread – sausage rolls, asparagus bread wraps, bacon & egg pie & a cake – doesn’t get much better my eyes.
In the above photos, you’ll see lots of Nathan sporting a PS (permanent smile) & rightly so, it was after, his day. I apologize for the background noise in the videos, the wind was howling at the time. Remember if you click on the photos, they enlarge 😉

You can read & see more on Lucinda here     https://waitematawoodys.com/2014/05/18/lucinda-hauls-out/

While mooching around the creek I spotted something that I thought I would never see – the ex whale chaser, Rorqual sans her hot-house top, see photo below. It is only temporary as new owner Andrew Miller is half way through a make over that will see her returned to a similar look as before but utilizing the best materials & systems. And if I did not post a photo of Murray Deeble’s wee day boat I would have ended up in the creek 🙂



And its not too late to complete the on-line ww classic boating activity survey – click blue link below






I have mooched past Echo numerous times on her mooring in the Weti River & she is always in attendance during the Mahuranghi Regatta weekends. I understand she is owned by a retired builder (possibly boat builder) & from chat from other woodys the standard of the workmanship during her restoration was very high.

Talking a few weeks ago with woody Russell Ward, he mentioned that Echo’s owner may have reached a stage in life that ownership / maintenance of a classic wooden boat was a little too much & could be looking for a new owner for Echo. That is all I know – so woodys – what do we know about the boat & can anyone confirm if she is in fact ‘on-the-market’.

Had a wee oops this morning – got my wires crossed & called Echo, Scout. Have to stop posting at 4.30am 🙂  Nathan H pulled me up on it 😉

Echo is a Coulthard boat. And you can read more here https://waitematawoodys.com/2014/02/28/echo/

Lucinda Nearly Ready To Splash


Lucinda Nearly Ready To Splash

ww has been following Nathan Herbert’s restoration of the 1930 L. Coulthard bridgedeck launch ‘Lucinda’ since early in 2014 when Nathan asked me who owned the what looked like abandoned 28′ launch moored off the Devonport Yacht Club (photo below). Post purchase, Nathan is on record as saying that he was hauling her out at Milford Cruising Club for a quick clean up & a lick of paint – well 2 years later, splash date is fast approaching & all the shiney bits are going on.
I dropped down to MCC over the weekend & the old girl is looking very smart.
When she slides back into the creek I’ll do a full post. Today’s one is more to keep the pressure on the boy to finish the job & start enjoying her.

Q: Whens the duck board going on Nathan ?, you will regret not putting one on 😉 and what is the car spot light doing on the cabin top ………….. 😦  I’m some one of the woodys must have a more suitable light gathering dust in their shed ?????

You can read / view more on Lucinda here


Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 5.53.41 PM

31-07-2016 Update

Was driving home via Milford & took a wee detour to check on the progress – just in time to see the mast being stepped – looking very smart (excuse the photos the light was disappearing fast)

And the curtains are up 😉





Dawn 2016

photos & details ex Steve Archer & Darren Arthur

I was contacted by Steve Archer who owns the launch ‘Dawn’, Steve believes Dawn may possibly be the L C Coultard design/built launch ‘Doraine’.
According to Steve, Dawn (Doraine) was built by Coultard in Onehunga for a flounder fisherman on the Kaipara in 1936. She is 28ft long and was owned for 24yrs by the Arthur family who kept her moored in the Tamaki River. Darren Arthur sent Steve a collection of photos from Dawns past, he was 11 years old when on the foredeck in one of the photos.
Steve has owned Dawn for 6 years after trucking her down from the Hokianga. During the 6 years she has been kept at Bucklands Beach Marina, then on a pole mooring at Panmure, on a berth at Pine Harbour and currently on a swing mooring at Wyuna Bay Coromandel.

So woodys – is Dawn actually Doraine?  And woodys I can help the discussion – last night Rosemary Robinson emailed my a photo of her grandfather L C Coultard’s drawings of Doraine below, also I have included a photo of Doraine. (Harold Kidd once commented on ww in regard to the number of launches named Dawn – “TOO MANY DAWNS” 🙂

29-06-2016 Update ex Rosemary Robinson

“The plans say 24’ V bottom Cruiser drawn by LC Coulthard 23/5/58 – so NOT the plans of the Doraine despite the cardboard roll they were stored in, being labelled “Plans for the pleasure craft Doraine”.  The other drawings are of random boats and are very indistinct.  Sorry about that!
I’m not sure the Dawn is actually the Doraine because she seems to have been kept in the family until at least 1943 and my mother distinctly remembers her being in Taupo but cannot remember who she was sold to.  It would be amazing to think she still exist and looks that good after 80 years.”

Doraine (a)

Doraine plans

ps the Auckland Motor Yacht Club burgee looks even better flying 😉



Minx - Wattle Bay 1913

Wattle Bay 1913


photos & details ex Rosemary Robinson

Today’s story is on the L.C. Coulthard built launch Minx, the photos were sent to me by his granddaughter, Rosemary Robinson.
The locations of these photos all appear to be on the Manukau Harbour, I wonder if she ever left the mud & made it over to the sparkling waters of the Waitemata?

I know nothing about Minx so woodys can we help record her history on ww?

Harold Kidd Update – Les Coulthard built MINX for himself in 1913. She was 22ft loa. She was on the Waitemata in 1945 and on the Kaipara as recently as 1999 when Mark Thomas told me she had been sold from Helensville to Dargaville. A very pretty launch, reminiscent of Arch Logan’s work on, say, COQUETTE.


Lincoln Wood Dinghy Restoration (Rebuild)
Harold Kidd sent me the two photos below of a very nice little (8’6”) sailing dinghy built by Lincoln Wood which George Emtage at the Whangateau boat yard is rebuilding for him & Pauline.
The yard is a hive of activity at the moment with some of our finest classics lined up in the creek getting some TLC.



Doraine (a)

Doraine (b)

photos & details ex Rosemary Robinson

I get lots of emails at ww, which is great, but when I get one that starts off “Hi  Alan, I am the granddaughter of L.C. Coulthard, boat builder of Onehunga.” I get a little excited.

Rosemary went on to tell me that while sorting through her elderly mother’s possessions recently, she came across the original plans of a Coulthard launch, the ‘Doraine’ plus a few photos. Doraine was 26′ in length with a 8’3″ beam & was intended to be the prototype for a ‘reasonably priced family boat’.
Now according to Coulthard’s daughter Elaine (now 93) this launch was last seen on Lake Taupo about 20 years ago.  Rosemary would like to know if Doraine still exists (maybe under a different name?) and whether the current owners would like those plans and copies of old photos?
Apparently her grandfather altered her for a subsequent owner to extend to approximately 28′.

So woodys what do we know about Doraine? L.C. Coulthard launches have been robustly discussed on ww before – click the link below to view/read.


Now woodys you would have been disappointed with me if I had not also asked Rosemary the question “Do you have any other photos?” well I did & the answer was yes – so over the next week I’ll post some more 😉

Doraine launch day