I have mooched past Echo numerous times on her mooring in the Weti River & she is always in attendance during the Mahuranghi Regatta weekends. I understand she is owned by a retired builder (possibly boat builder) & from chat from other woodys the standard of the workmanship during her restoration was very high.

Talking a few weeks ago with woody Russell Ward, he mentioned that Echo’s owner may have reached a stage in life that ownership / maintenance of a classic wooden boat was a little too much & could be looking for a new owner for Echo. That is all I know – so woodys – what do we know about the boat & can anyone confirm if she is in fact ‘on-the-market’.

Had a wee oops this morning – got my wires crossed & called Echo, Scout. Have to stop posting at 4.30am 🙂  Nathan H pulled me up on it 😉

Echo is a Coulthard boat. And you can read more here

3 thoughts on “Echo

  1. One of Percy’s men! Plenty of tales to tell. He finished off Romany for me when I bought her from Alec Baxter. Alec died before he could finish her and John did a fine job. He has put some new strakes and frames into 14 footer Gallina as well as a couple of knees in a Roy Parris dink for me. Fabulous work.
    Echo is for sale in as much as any man’s boat is for sale when he just thinks he isn’t going to use her as much now as he did in the past but he still enjoys her company…..


  2. Interior photos please owner!

    If she is as original and not extended (appears to be original underwater), where is Matariki?


  3. Correct not just a builder, John Rea master boatbuilder, worked on many racing yachts behind the scenes over the years- Stewart 34’s and Cookson built boats…… and interesting Entrican sharpies


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