mystery bridgedecker


Today’s launch photo is from the Auckland Museum’s Tudor Collins collection. The photo quality is not the best, I suspect the plate was damaged at sometime in the past. The ww brains trust have come up with a big fat zero in terms of ID’ing the boat,  so help from the woodys would be appreciated.

In terms of the location – given its a Tudor Collins image it’s more than likely to be the Bay of Islands or even further north e.g. Whangaroa? Input here too please 🙂

She was not a mystery for long 🙂 view details & photos on Harold Kidd’s  27 Sept 2013 ww story on Ranginui at the link below.





5 thoughts on “Ranginui

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  2. I have just researched the Museum’s records & they show the photo was taken in 1952 at Otehei Bay in the Bay of Islands


  3. Could be in the Bay, turtle island close to the right, Mountain’s Landing behind and Mataka Station behind that.


  4. She is the RANGINUI & she was owned by H D hall for many years — I knew her very well in the mid 1940s/50s, which was part of the period of his ownership.–That is exactly how she looked when I first knew her, but was altered from original by then –KEN R


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