Ella B




Resident woodys spotter in the Hawkes Bay, Mike O’Dwyer sent me a note last weekend saying that he had been down at the Napier Sailing Club & heard the rumble of a V8 starting up. Upon closer inspection Mike spotted a rare appearance of Ella B.

As an aside Mike is the owner of the delightful 1902 classic ‘Janet’,  built by Angus Sutherland to a design by Chas. Bailey Jr

Ella B (named after the owners granddaughter) was built by 77 year old Bill Brassington, an  upholsterer by trade with a love of woodworking.

The build took six years & is still being tweaked. On the day they were fitting a new alternator & giving the motor a run. The boat was built from plans supplied by Glen L boat designs. It is the 24’6″ Monte Carlo, a long sleek barrel back inboard based on the styling of the typical finer Chris Craft of yesteryear. The steering wheel is out of a 1936 Ford.
Bill built the boat in it’s entirety including the trailer. Deck & windscreen fittings were made from mdf then cast and chromed. The hull is solid mahogany with a two pot finish.
Ellia B is powered by a 350 fuel injected Chev V8 which produces 400 hp. The Italian dash gauges are set into an ex Napier Sailing Club engraved silver salver trophy.
Given Bill’s trade, the upholstery is a work of art, total perfection.

Now here’s the thing..the boat has never been launched. When Mike asked Bill when that would happen he replied “it’s got water running through it now…it’s getting wet” 🙂

5 thoughts on “Ella B

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  2. Don’t want to be picky but JANET was built by Angus Sutherland to a design by Chas. Bailey Jr.


  3. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! Beautiful symmetry flow & balance in the hull lines, screens so very professional in their styling & chromeware, an ideal engine, of course , & quite frankly, I can’t understand why she has yet to have her sea trials. If she were mine I could hardly wait.
    I would excitedly request, that the justifiably proud & clever owner, lets us share his joy & pride, with some pics of her underway, when she does go in the water, which I really hope, will be very soon. –KEN R


  4. Nice find Alan, have been watching her progress since she was just frames, great to see her breath life, its a credit to Bill and as you say as an upholsterer this detail is rather nice, Stay away from the briney and I look forward to seeing her on Taupo Bill!


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