Ranginui – A Peek Down Below

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RANGINUI – A Peek Down Below
Ranginui was built in 1947 and measures approx. 43’and is powered by a 120hp Ford Diesel engine. She has appeared twice before on WW (links to those stories below) but now thanks to her trade listing we get to see down below.
Details as to her actual builder have been debated before on WW. Her trademe listing states Percy Vos but I have checked that name out in Baden Pascoe’s excellent book ‘Launching Dreams – Percy Vos – The Boats & His Boys’ and there is no mention of her on the Vos listing of boats built. In one of the WW stories Harold Kidd commented that he had been told she may have been built by Chas. Bailey & Sons Ltd.
Ranginui has had the same owner for the last 24 years and despite her slightly worn appearance she has had a lot of mechanical and system look done to her. She is for sale with a Coromandel (Wyuna Bay) mooring included, so if you stripped this out of the price , she may have the bones of a good restoration project.
You can see that in the b/w photo below (ex Tudor Collins) Ranginui was a serious looking in her day 🙂
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mystery bridgedecker


Today’s launch photo is from the Auckland Museum’s Tudor Collins collection. The photo quality is not the best, I suspect the plate was damaged at sometime in the past. The ww brains trust have come up with a big fat zero in terms of ID’ing the boat,  so help from the woodys would be appreciated.

In terms of the location – given its a Tudor Collins image it’s more than likely to be the Bay of Islands or even further north e.g. Whangaroa? Input here too please 🙂

She was not a mystery for long 🙂 view details & photos on Harold Kidd’s  27 Sept 2013 ww story on Ranginui at the link below.







photos & details from Harold Kidd

The photos above of the bridge-decker RANGINUI, a good-looking craft.

All Harold knows about her is that she was owned in 1952-3 by H D Hall, in 1973 by L A Boswell who sold her to Keith and Betty Bankart.

Does anyone know more about her, particularly who built her and where she is now?

Update from Ken Rickets –  RANGINUI was built for the Halls, who were building contractors, in the late 1930s or early 40s & as you can see in the 2 pics, she was lengthened in the later 40s & am almost certain the addition was done by Roy Lidgard -but it may possibly have been Shipbuilders – the Halls had her for many years & she was a regular at Kawau at Christmas. The tuck had a special shape as I recall — looked a lillte bit long &narrow after being lengthened I thought.

Harold Kidd Update

Betty Bankart thinks she was built in 1947 by Chas. Bailey & Sons Ltd, which seems plausible.

07-01-2016 Photo ex Peter Croft of Ranginui at Ponui


08-05-2017 Update – Peter Croft the owner of Ranginui was working on her & uncovered this ‘note’ written on the hull, in the loo (head). As Ranginui was launched in 1946 or 1947 it could have been written by one of the boatbuilders, or someone who didn’t rate one of the builders 🙂

Ranginui Message