Water Gipsy > Connie V > Robyn Gae

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Water Gipsy > Connie V > Robyn Gae

I was mooching around Westhaven Marina on Raindance last weekend & spied ‘Robyn Gae’, sadly looking very tired & crying out for a new owner to take her over. So sad I did not even take a photo 😦

There is a very well documented history of her by Harold Kidd & Martin Turnwald on ww at the link (blue) here.  https://waitematawoodys.com/2015/09/10/robyn-gae/
The photos above of her when she was named ‘Connie V’ are from the Tudor Collins collection at the Auckland Museum.

07-08-2016 – 2 photos added below  from the Auckland Museum’s Tudor Collins collection, emailed to me by Ken Ricketts.




Hi, My Dad, John Turnwald, has decided reluctantly to relinquish his ownership of the classic woody. Robyn Gae.
Do you know of anyone who would like to give her the pampering she deserves?
John’s phone = 827 3538.  Please negotiate directly with him.

18-08-2018 UPDATE
Robin Gae – has just appeared on Tom Nisbitt’s web site for sale, I’m told a coat of paint & its now double the purchase price. Nice of him to use some WW photos + video in his listing.
Same guy trying to sell the below launch
24-06-2021 UPDATE – Robyn Gae was spotted early June 2021 hauled out at the Te Atatu Boating Club, looked like it had recently had a coat of paint and had a for sale sign in the window – photos below

7 thoughts on “Water Gipsy > Connie V > Robyn Gae

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  3. I see she is listed on Trademe now. The advertiser answered someone’s question re: reserve, hoping for over 20k. She probably is worth that and might go for that. Hopefully to somebody SERIOUS about her restoration, not just ‘waterblast, bog, paint and flick her to the next stretched-budget person for a profit’. I know, having faced the option on my own project before.


  4. Hi Alan, if you’ld like more photos of Robyn Gae, inside and out, I can give you a heap. She’s a very sound sea boat and has definitely not seen the last of her days but John is physicall not capable of caring for her anymore. , Cheers, Martin Turnwald.


  5. Respectfully, I think that people expect and need to see current photos, of interior and exterior as she is. A price is probably not necessary in this instance. Low advertised prices attract the wrong type of people in my experience, but even the ‘right’ type of person would like to have an idea of what they are enquiring after.


  6. Dad hasn’t heard from anyone yet re purchasing “Robyn Gae”. Someone out there MUST love her.


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