Christina – Sailing Sunday

Mr W MacQueen on his yacht Christina 1956

Christina – Sailing Sunday

The early 1950’s cutter Christina was designed by Athol Burns & built in Wellington by Bill McQueen. She has appeared before on ww (blue link below) & we uncovered some amazing detail for her current owner Bill Moe who resides (along with Christina – now renamed Victory) in Silva Bay, Gabriola Island, B.C., Canada.

ww woody Nathan Herbert pointed me in the direction of this 1956 National Library photo of Christina with builder / owner W (Bill) McQueen on board. I’m sure this photo will see Bruce Tantrum having flash backs 🙂

Anyone able to ID the 2 yachts in the background?

Make sure you check out the previous Christina/Victory ww story

09-08-2016 Input from Gavin Pascoe
The below photo of Christina from the RPNYC collection. Shows Bill McQueen. Gavin thinks it shows her hauled out at Evans Bay.


Sunday Bonus – click the blue link below to view on-line the latest edition (August 2016) of ‘Yachts & Yachting’ magazine & read the feature on the Rio Olympics + upcoming America’s Cup World Series action at Portsmouth.

August 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 4.06.53 PM

6 thoughts on “Christina – Sailing Sunday

  1. Taotane belonged to my father and was kept at the port Nic.boat club oriental bay
    I have been trying to find the current owners as Ihavefound all her past history which I thought they would like
    Does anyone know where she is.Last I knew of Taotane was at Half moon bay but she is no longer there
    Thanks Julie


  2. Betterer and betterer! Yep, looks like Evans Bay to me too! Not the plywood shutters on the doghouse windows – de rigeur for offshore then.


  3. There is a great photo of Christina online showing her ready to leave offshore in perhaps 1956. Including chalk board with 630 pm sailing time and her crew


  4. Wunnerful! Can’t get enough of the old girl – though she and I were young when we knew each other.(Sighs and rattles his walker-frame 🙂 ) The photo was obviously taken soon after her launch, as the mast, bowsprit and rigging are not yet in place. Note the good view of her elegant bronze runner lever and its turning block.
    As to the two yachts queried, the one immdeiately ahead of “Cjristina” is “Rambler”. She l;ooks a bit like a Hanna “Tahiti” ketch, but was in fact a converted lifeboat. I always admired her. Not sure of the boat to “Rambler’s” starboard, and can’t remember her name, but think she was the motor-sailer belonging to a Norman Jack, who had a bach in the Grove Arm of Queen Charlotte Sound.
    If the second yacht you’re asking about is the one against the sea wall (This is the old Oriental Bay boat harbour), she’s “Taotane” another Atholl Burns motor-sailer. She was on the market a couple or three years ago, so is probably still around.


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