Robyn Gae – SOS


I was out west Auckland on Sunday and dropped into the Te Atatu Boating Club yard for a nosy. Sad to see that the rather pretty x1934, Cox & Filmer built launch Robyn Gas is still hauled out and looking for a new owner. Given the 4sale sign points people to the yard office, I would suspect its being sold to re-coup yard fees. 

There appears to be some ‘average’ hull work done to her, but at $6k, its a very low entry to a worthwhile project. Surely someone will step up and take her own. Make the TBC an offer, you might be surprised.

For no fault of her own other than bad timings, the boat has been crying out for a passionate woody owner for a number of years – see previous WW stories below.





Estevan AH

The above photo of Estevan was sent in by Juliana Cooke, Estevan was her families launch in very late 1969 > early 1970. Juliana was very young back then but she recalls it was hand (home) built either by or for a doctor, probably in 1969. Juliana’s family acquired her in late 1969 & had their first trip away starting on Friday 26th December to Motuihe > Waiheke > Ponui, this cruise went into Jan 1970. Juliana recalls her brothers sailed a Flying Fifteen to Ponui Island and slept there in a tent because Estevan was too small, or thats what they claimed 😉
While the family altered the layout from the original design, it soon became apparent that Estevan was too small for the family, so they bought the launch Robyn Gae, which they owned until very recently.
So woodys does anyone know what happened to Estevan?
(As a side issue, I understand that Robyn Gae, that was being sold by Tom Nesbitt, has been sold. Will be interesting to to find out what the buyer paid, relative to the buy price……. I’m not against a fair profit but there is fair & fair 😉
Harold Kidd Input – All I have is that ESTEVAN was owned by Dr J.E.R Edgar of Orakei Road in 1966 and by R.G. Shaw of Dominion Road in 1973. The Turnwalds owned her in between those two.

A Lot Of Boat For Not A Lot of Money



Water Gipsy > Connie V > Robyn Gae 4Sale

The 1934 Cox & Filmer (Speedcraft Boat Co.) built Robyn Gae has had a very interesting & colourful life – you can read all about it on the WW link below. But to regular WW readers thats old news & not the reason for today story. 

Robyn Gae has been ‘hanging-out’ on trademe for a very long time waiting for a woody to takeover her ownership, I in fact gave the sale a plug on WW just over one year ago, but still no takers.

It is rare these days to find an almost original condition classic that is just in a run-down condition. On face value, mechanically she is good, she has just suffered from a lack of exterior maintenance – in my eyes nothing that could not be fixed by a wooden boat enthusiast with the basic skills. Her interior is very ‘as-built’ but that is all good,most woodys have had square edged MDF cabinetry fitted & need to be gutted, give RG’s interior a good scrub with sugar soap & a lick of paint & you could go boating this coming summer & start a rolling restoration next winter. I suspect the right buyer could own RG for not a lot on money. Take a look at the wonderful old photos of her in the WW link & you’ll see the potential she has to be a stunner.

So woodys, we must know someone thats looking for an entry level classic……………..

Water Gipsy > Connie V > Robyn Gae

connie v

connie v 4

connie v 3

Water Gipsy > Connie V > Robyn Gae

I was mooching around Westhaven Marina on Raindance last weekend & spied ‘Robyn Gae’, sadly looking very tired & crying out for a new owner to take her over. So sad I did not even take a photo 😦

There is a very well documented history of her by Harold Kidd & Martin Turnwald on ww at the link (blue) here.
The photos above of her when she was named ‘Connie V’ are from the Tudor Collins collection at the Auckland Museum.

07-08-2016 – 2 photos added below  from the Auckland Museum’s Tudor Collins collection, emailed to me by Ken Ricketts.




Hi, My Dad, John Turnwald, has decided reluctantly to relinquish his ownership of the classic woody. Robyn Gae.
Do you know of anyone who would like to give her the pampering she deserves?
John’s phone = 827 3538.  Please negotiate directly with him.

18-08-2018 UPDATE
Robin Gae – has just appeared on Tom Nisbitt’s web site for sale, I’m told a coat of paint & its now double the purchase price. Nice of him to use some WW photos + video in his listing.
Same guy trying to sell the below launch
24-06-2021 UPDATE – Robyn Gae was spotted early June 2021 hauled out at the Te Atatu Boating Club, looked like it had recently had a coat of paint and had a for sale sign in the window – photos below