A Commodores Salute


A Commodores Salute

Todays post is a little classic wooden boat eye candy from Seattle, the video shows the annual Lake Union- ‘Open the Gates Commodore Salute Parade’. The event marks the appointment of a new commodore to their CYA, lets hope Rod Mahler isn’t watching this, he will be demanding one of these each season 🙂

Video footage of the varnishing of Trinidad with Awlwood MA (Uroxsys)


How did Trinidad get that look?

If you have seen Trinidad in the last few months you would have gone………….. WoW……………… thats amazing. Well now thanks to the wonders of modern technology (a time lapse camera & Gareth Cooke’s photography & editing skills) you can watch how the team at Greg Lees Boatbuilders, working with Awlwood MA (Uroxsys) achieved that amazing finish on her topsides.

The process went like this –
1. Old coatings removed
2. Yellow primer applied
3. Two coats rolled / brushed on
4. Three days of heavy ‘wet on wet’ spray applications, with a good block sanding between coats
5. Final coat applied as a single coat to achieve best leveling

Now this is all stunning but do not think its a pro-only product, the results us amateurs can achieve with 6 > 8 coats using a hand brush is pretty wow.

Why Aucklanders Should Be Nice To Boaties


Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 6.04.29 AM


Why Aucklanders Should Be Nice To Boaties

Link sent to ww by John Burland

TVNZ recently released this ‘Back In The Day’ video from their archives, the year was 1982 & it shows architect Stephen Smythe’s ‘Vision for Auckland’s waterfront’. Nothing startling here, all one had to do at the time was visit any waterfront city in the world & see what they had done / were doing. The scary thing is it took us 30 years to make it happen & even then was only kicked of by hosting the defence of the America’s Cup. The city has a lot to thank the yachties for 🙂

Worth a look to see the waterfront of old.

Riva with amazing twin Lamborghini engines


A post for James Mobberley at Moon Engines – he (& I) will like this – a lot 🙂 Turn your sound up.

00100065-0000-0000-0000-000000000000_00000065-06d9-0000-0000-000000000000_20131007222656_Riva Aquarama Lamborghini

Back in 1968, Ferruccio Lamborghini ordered a custom Aquarama model from the legendary racing boat/yacht builder Riva.

For Ferruccio’s Aquarama, Riva installed a pair of the 4.0-liter V12 engines that at the time were being used in Lamborghini’s first road car, the iconic 350GT, its power and custom open-pipe exhaust made it the most unique Aquarama ever built.

Following Ferruccio Lamborghini’s death in 1993, enthusiasts speculated over the fate of what is now known as the Riva Aquarama Lamborghini. Most assumed the Aquarama Lamborghini was lost to time, until a Dutch Riva collector found it hidden under tarps in a boatyard. In 2010, the collector sent the boat off to Riva World, a world-famous shop in Holland specializing in the restoration of Riva boats. Now three years, 25 coats of lacquer, and two replacement 350GT V12 engines later, the Riva Aquarama Lamborghini has roared back to life.

The restoration brought legendary figures together from both Lamborghini and Riva’s past. The Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum in Italy had one of the two original Aquarama Lamborghini engines in its collection, but it took the involvement of Lino Morosini, head of Riva’s engine division in the 1960s, and the late Bob Wallace, Lamborghini test driver and developer, to recreate the modifications performed to the V12 engines for maritime use.

Riva World’s Sandro Zani sourced two 350GT engines (one from the U.S.) while his team rebuilt and restored the Aquarama Lamborghini’s wooden hull from top to bottom, and inside out. The twin-V12s carry the Aquarama Lamborghini to a top speed of 48 knots (as opposed to the 40-knot top speed of the standard V8-equipped Aquarama), with peak torque available from 1500 rpm.

The restoration wrapped up early this year, and after a few tests in the Netherlands, the Riva Aquarama Lamborghini returned to Italy this summer. Watch the youtube movie to see the Aquarama Lamborghini in action; if nothing else, it’s worthwhile for the hellacious sound the V12s make when the boat is pushed flat out.

Don Brooke at the Classic Yacht & Launch Exhibition speaking about Jack Brooke & Bob Stewart


VIDEO ONE – Don Brooke speaking at the 2013 CYA Classic Yacht & Launch Exhibition, hosted by the Tino Rawa Trust, which showcased the acclaimed designers Jack Brooke & Bob Stewart. Both Don & Robert Brooke spoke briefly at the launch ‘morning tea’ about their father Jack & fellow yacht designer Bob Stewart. Also view VIDEO TWO (below) which features of Don’s brother Robert, speaking on the same topic.

Robert Brooke Speaking On Jack Brooke & Bob Stewart @ Classic Yacht & Launch Exhibition


VIDEO TWO – Robert Brooke speaking at the 2013 CYA Classic Yacht & Launch Exhibition, hosted by the Tino Rawa Trust, which showcased the acclaimed designers Jack Brooke & Bob Stewart. Both Robert & Don Brooke spoke briefly at the launch ‘morning tea’ about their father Jack & fellow yacht designer Bob Stewart. Also view VIDEO ONE (above) which features of Roberts brother Don, speaking on the same topic

The Gull Story


The Gull Story

Now this is a hoot, a bunch of yachties with way to much spare time on their hands 🙂 The ‘boat’ does not really qualify to be a waitematawoody but the Seagull does.

The movie was actually the ‘secret’ first test of their Seagull racing boat, shot down at Henderson Creek Rowing Club, end of Te Atatu Peninsula. The boat was built for next years ‘Great Waikato Seagull Race’, the 30th anniversary of the race.

All editing & production by: Nina Wells @ Working Edge Pictures
Facials in boat guy: Adrian J Thompson
Girl in boat: Nina Wells
Motor carrying guy: James Leddingham
Boat builder/crew: Adrian Pawson

Adrian Pawson Update: We’ve decided that the boat is a keeper for the moment. So we’ve made some performance enhancing mods, added a foredeck, some minimal framing and even entertaining the possibility of a paint job. Taking her down to Whangamata next weekend for her debut race. A round the island off-shore event…. So got a couple of weeks to grow a beard, take up smoking a tobacco pipe and source a yellow PVC raincoat. Standard entry requirements apparently.