Pania – A Peek Down Below – Post Sale


The 1959 L Coulthard built 30’ launch – Pania has a new owner, she didn’t hang around long 4sale, mostly thanks to the great job her previous owner did in rebuilding her and prepping for sale. As always – click on photos to enlarge 😉

After viewing the above photos , click the link below to see how she was presented back in 2019 – its not rocket science folks, most people buy with their eyes, initially anyway 🙂


Powered by a 80hp Ford diesel (Moon Engine) and a Paragon hydraulic gearbox, she gets along at a comfortable 7>8 knots. Given the fit-out and work done – the buyer got a bargain if the bones were all good.
Pania also appeared on WW back in 2014

Pania – A Peek Down Below

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PANIA – A Peek Down Below
According to her trademe listing the 30′ Pania was built in 1962 by Cauldry, however in a previous WW story (link below) it was established that she was actually built in 1959 bu L.C. Coulthard.
We do know that she is powered by a Moon Engines 80hp Ford diesel, with keel cooling.
From the photos you will see that she has been very well maintained and I understand only 4sale due to her owners advancing years.
She would make a great intro boat to someone looking at joining the classic wooden boating scene – just needs some minor TLC.

Photo below, not long after she was launched.
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Pania has had the same owners for over 25 years. She was built in 1973 using triple planked mahogany.
The get up & go comes from twin 90hp 6LW Gardeners & she measures approx. 50′.
She looks a very sea worthy vessel, no doubt one of the reasons her home port is Bluff, Southland.
Thanks to Ian McDonald for the trademe listing heads up 🙂

Can we expand on her details e.g. designer / builder & where was she from 1973 > early 1990’s ?

Input from Dick Hall

‘Pania’ was built by Jack Morgan for Rex Baldick of Picton off the extended ‘Hawaiki’ design. She was launched with a single Allis-Chalmers diesel that came out of a local fishing-boat but later when back to Jack and converted to twin screw with two four cylinder Fords. You can see the original strut with shaft hole through it in underwater photo. Rex had the Baldick families ‘Prima-Donna’ before building ‘Pania’


Sierra was designed and built by Joseph Fell of Kohukohu (Hokianga Harbour) & launched 3 May 1917. If she was a human, Sierra would be getting a letter from the Queen – as the old girl has just celebrated her 100th birthday. Owner Dennis Christopher is having a wee party for her this Sunday at  the Panmure Motor Boat & Yacht Club, 104 Kings Rd, Panmure.
Sierra will be alongside the jetty from 2.00pm on-wards. It’s a just drop-in event & any one is welcome. So woodys, if you are out & about on Sunday, call by. (photo below ex Tom Kane).

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 8.59.40 PM


photo & details ex Ken Ricketts, edited by Alan H.

How there are a lot of holes in this post – hopefully we will be able to fill some of them.

Lets start with what we know – Pania is 28 feet long & powered by an 80 hp Ford diesel, which the owner, Don Cooper,  thinks may be original. The owner has had her for 2 years & keeps her at Gulf Harbour Marina. Cooper bought her off a Mr Dave Nicholson, who he says had owned her for approx. 10 years. Nicholson had her moored at Te Atatu, when he owned her.

Now for the ‘holey’ bits – Cooper has been told & believes that she was built by Bill Couldrey in 1962 & that he has been told by someone, that Couldrey had built her for his daughter originally, but he has been told since, by a lady, that this lady was a relation Couldrey & that Couldrey didn’t have a daughter, so, of course Cooper does not know what to believe.

Any input into filling the holes would be good.

15-03-2016 Hauled out at Gulf Harbour (photos Ken R)

 31-07-2016 Trolling thru the photo files & came across these photos, below, of Pania, both ex Rosemary Robinson, granddaughter of LC Coultard. (note Rosemary’s records have Pania at 30′)

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Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 12.45.14 PM