ECHO + Woody Beauty Parlour 

ECHO + Woody Beauty Parlour 

Recently I was sent a link to David Smith’s FB where he showcased the 2 photos above of the 1935, 32’, Les Coulthard built launch – Echo, moored in Parekura Bay in the Bay of Islands.

Echo has graced WW before – check out this link for a look below


Today a snapped the photo below of the yard at The Slipway in Milford – a nice selection of woodys getting some TLC.

Left > right – my own Raindance (my lips are sealed as to why I’m hauled out again), then the recently changed hands – Rehia, the 1939 Colin Wild built 36’ launch, in for some long-overdue differed maintenance.  Link to Rehia here

Then – Awarua, the 1947, 36’ Roy Lidgard built launch – also owned by the owner of Echo. One more and he will officially be a collector 🙂 Awarua is nearing the end of an extensive refit and whilst you can’t see it in the photo, is sporting a dazzling Jason Prew paint job. View more of Awarua at this link

Pania – A Peek Down Below – Post Sale


The 1959 L Coulthard built 30’ launch – Pania has a new owner, she didn’t hang around long 4sale, mostly thanks to the great job her previous owner did in rebuilding her and prepping for sale. As always – click on photos to enlarge 😉

After viewing the above photos , click the link below to see how she was presented back in 2019 – its not rocket science folks, most people buy with their eyes, initially anyway 🙂


Powered by a 80hp Ford diesel (Moon Engine) and a Paragon hydraulic gearbox, she gets along at a comfortable 7>8 knots. Given the fit-out and work done – the buyer got a bargain if the bones were all good.
Pania also appeared on WW back in 2014

Lucinda 4sale

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 11.31.28 AM

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 11.34.48 AM

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 11.39.33 AM

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 11.38.52 AM

LUCINDA – 4sale

I have had a long vicarious association with Lucinda, myself & friends used to sit in the Devonport Yacht Club & look out at her moored in what appeared to be the main channel of Waitemata Harbour. I think we even took bets of how long before she sank, then one day Nathan Herbert rocks up, tracks down the owner & buys her. Her extraction & removal of her beard was covered off on WW her at the link below:

Then she was towed to Milford Marina & hauled out for a 2+ years restoration (some photos from then included above). Nathan is an engineer & very fastidious so all the work was 120%. You can view her relaunch at the WW link below:

I do not normally do ‘long’ 4sale features on WW but (a) Nathan is a mate (b) Lucinda would have to be the best presented, best looking, value for money classic woody on the market. For $30k, you will be boating this coming weekend. And for the record, given the extent of the work done on her – I think Nathan is a little low on the asking price, it should be closer to $40k in my eyes.

And the question you are all most likely thinking – “Why is he selling?” – simple answer, he had the opportunity to purchase a classic woody that has been in his family for 100+ years, you don’t pass on something like that, so Nathan is back in the restoration mode.

My advice to anyone interested in her – buy her & quick, unlike most classic woodys, she will not be on the market for long.

Below is her story & details on the restoration project.

Lucinda was built in 1930 in Auckland by LC Coulthard and has a beautifully sound single skin Kauri hull with solid kauri cabin. With the help of classic boating experts, I completed a 2.5 year restoration/rebuild of her that saw her stripped back to bare hull and cabin sides, fully checked over and all other components rebuilt/replaced. Lucinda has covered over 1000 miles since relaunch in 2016. 

She is a good looker from every angle, is extremely roomy for her 27ft and uses very little fuel with her relatively modern diesel engine.

Lucinda is very seaworthy and with her high bow and V-bottom hull shape she barely rolls and rides over waves well. She is easy to manoeuvre and with her 2ft 6” draft it is easy to find safe anchorage close to shore!

All of Lucinda’s gear is built to last and top quality. 


Stripped bare inside and out and repainted in Altex system.

Kauri carvel construction with copper fasteners. 

Large pohutukawa knees throughout with extra large kauri knees in the bow area. 

All sawn frames re-fastened. 

Both bulkheads replaced, with extra sawn hardwood frames added in these areas. 

New solid Jarrah engine beds fitted.

All keel bolts replaced with large custom-made copper bolts.

Keel is solid kauri with no hogging.


Foredeck (bow area) stripped back to original laid kauri deck. Some planks replaced, then whole deck ply covered and fibre glassed over.

Side decks excellent condition kauri planked with solid pohutukawa belting. Stripped bare and laid over with new fibre glass.

Cockpit roof completely replaced with treated plywood and fibre glassed over. Other cabin roofs are sound, and fibre glassed already.

Cabin sides

Solid Kauri sides stripped bare inside and out and repainted in Altex system. Windows all removed and resealed with sikaflex.


c.1990 Perkins Prima 50hp diesel rebuilt (new pistons, rebuilt block, crank, valvegear, head) by Taylor Automotive in 2017.

Borg Warner velvet drive 2:1 hydraulic transmission.

Solid bronze shaft. New custom- made 4 blade propeller to match.

Steering gear

New marine grade stainless steel rudder. Teleflex cable steering.

Solid bronze shoe from keel to rudder pintle

Practical and unobtrusive Garmin GPS/fishfinder etc.


All upholstery replaced, with double V-berth in bow and two singles in saloon area.

Sink and solid kauri bench / seating in cockpit. I have always used a portable gas stove and a portable compressor fridge for simplicity, which are not included in the sale.

Full headroom in the cockpit and bridge (very tall interior in bridge) and about 5’5” in saloon area. 

Marine toilet located underneath a lifting section of the for’d berth to starboard. 

General fittings

Solid bronze cleats, bow roller, electric anchor capstan etc etc. 

Manson Boss anchor with 16m chain, spliced to rope, very safe system.

Full-height varnished hardwood Samson post for anchoring. 

Oregon mast on bronze tabernacle.

Varnished hardwood grab rails.

Top quality fitted cockpit covers.

Automatic deluge-resistant ventilators on foredeck.

Varnished hardwood folding duckboard.Teak cockpit doors.


All wiring replaced

High capacity deep cycle house battery with separate starting battery.

BEP switches with VSR, plus earth isolating switch. New alternator.

Auto bilge pump with small secondary pump if required.

All LED lights. Stereo with Bluetooth.

Watch Her Underway

And I’ll Finish On Some Plastic Boat Humour (sort of) down By The Boat Show  – not sure what happened but looks expensive.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 9.15.04 PM

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 9.15.22 PM

And the other side – ouch 


And Now On Film



photos ex Harold Kidd (& trademe + Paper Past)

Recent chat here around a mystery launch moored in the Whau creek & the design / builds of Onehunga based, Les Coulthard has unearthed several of his 27′>30′ v-bottomed cruiser launches from the late 1930’s. CYA member Nathan Herbert is currently restoring Lucinda (search ww for a post on her) & her sister ship Taufale, that is currently for sale on trademe.
Interestingly Taufale has had 3 different cabin tops, the photos above show her as launched with a bridge deck type cabin, a single profile aft swooping version and the current single flat cabin top.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion when it comes to which of the three versions you prefer – but as is most often the case, the ‘as launched’ wins hands down & gets my tick.

Note: you can freeze the slide show above by clicking on a photo + the smaller images below can be enlarged also by clicking on them.

New photo added ex Ken Ricketts camera in 1948, while in School House Bay.

Recent (2014) photos ex Nathan Herbert, hauled out at the Weiti Boating Club





Built by L. Coulthard for a Mr J Griffin of Epsom, her initial ‘home’ was the Manukau. Records show she was launched with a 12-16hp Ailsa-Craig engine.

Other than this ww is very light on her history so hopefully we can expand on it today.

Harold Kidd Update

Les Coulthard built her in October 1930 for Jack Griffin of Onehunga who was the Vice-Commodore of the Manukau Yacht & Motor Boat Club at the time. Her 10/16hp Ailsa Craig had been taken from his former launch KATUI which Coulthard traded in and later sold. LUCINDA stayed on the Manukau until at least 1940 and I have no knowledge of when she came to the Waitemata and was bridgedeckerised but think it was reasonably recently.

Owner (Nathan Herbert) Update

I wish I had never seen this photo, as I was happy with the current configuration and the excellent interior room/ layout it provides until I saw the looks of the original! The engine now is where the bridge is, but there are old engine beds right up into the bow? Other than those, the only original parts are t+g sole in parts of the cockpit, and the chain locker bulkhead with Bakelite switch and light fitting attached.
The engine sump was toast from salt water in the bilge and after 4 weeks a complete replacement has almost been manufactured for me. James at Moon Diesels helped me out with a similar bell housing to replace the toasted one, which I have modified to fit.
We’ll tow her to Milford in the next week or so to be slipped for a few months to be given a full going over. A lot of gear will be biffed…

Excuse the crudely covered bridge window, I put my hand through it while navigating the sole-less cabin area