WW was sent the above photos of the launch – Corinna, by John Burland. John was mooching around the marina at Havelock.

Corinna is an unknown to WW so very keen to learn more.

INPUT EX TRACY & ALAN GILDER – She looks similar to Kokoru. Definitely a Jack Morgan design / build. There were 6 Jack Morgan vessels built in the fleet along with Kokoru, her being the last. We saw Hawaiki on the hardstand at Waikawa Picton Feb 2020 (photos below), looking very forlorn and neglected.

INPUT EX DICK HALL – Hawaiki was the first of Jacks design about 1950.The others being Gerola (only one with focsle head & now called Kiwa),Safari Queen, Siren (aft W/House) Corinna, Kokoru.. Pania was built to the same design but I think 2ft longer. Corinna built new for the Teece family and I think still in their ownership

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2022 Cruise Story

Nancy Belle

photo ex Pam Cundy

The photos of Nancy Belle above were taken by George Emtage & Pam Cundy at Great Barrier Island.
Pam believes that she may have been built at the Whangateau Traditional Boat Yard by the Greenwoods. To my untrained eye there are some similarities to Awatere, which was built by Greenwoods at WTB.

Any woodys able to confirm this & or supply more details on her ?

UPDATE:  Hawke-eye Nathan Herbert ID’ed Nancy Belle as Siren (below) – featured already on ww

Now this has to be a great example how a vessel can visually ‘change’ when her varnished coamings are painted 😦

Update from Pan Cundy

Pam told me she thought Siren might have been a Greenwood  because Siren looks so much like the image below that Howard G sent her some years ago. She has subsequently heard that this was boat was built by Howard for the Ray brothers.



photos & details ex Scott Taylor
In the early 1960’s Mac Taylor of HM Taylor Shipbrokers drew up the lines for Siren & had Snow Waters build her c.1962. The Taylor family used her to cruise the gulf & sold her c.1966.
In the launch day photos above, the tractor driver is Flap Martiningo, Tony Mason provided the trailer and Snow Waters is encouraging Scott’s mother to smash the bottle on the anchor, Scott recalls it took six attempts 🙂 Mac Taylor is on the foredeck.

Scott is curious to find out where she may be now and what state she would be in.

click photos to enlarge

Update from Dave Jackson 13/07/2014

She is now renamed “Nancy Belle” and lives on moorings behind the Whangaparapara wharf, Great Barrier Island. Owned by Max Howard. Topsides have been painted white. He uses her as a cray boat.




photos & details ex Stuart Johnston

Siren is a 19ft Marlin launched at Onehunga just prior to Labour weekend 1958, it is believed she was one of the first if not the first 19ft version built by Sutton & Mason in Mt Roskill before Tony Mason set up Mason Marine. Siren was powered by 1958 35 HP Johnson and managed about 20MPH light and struggled to plane with a load. She was later repowered with firstly a 1960 40hp Johnson, and later by an early V4 50HP followed lastly by a 75HP Johnson. Stuart says that she was always a pretty vessel and with the bigger motors a joy to pilot, although launching off the beach at Stanmore Bay could be a mission, getting such a vessel through the soft sand, in the days before proper ramps were built.

Photos above show her new – being launched at Onehunga, cruising off Stanmore  Bay and Stuart’s Dad “hooning” at the same location. Stuart is not sure who’s who of the builders beside the boat but his Dad is the guy inside.

The big question – has she survived & if so where is she now?