Nancy Belle

photo ex Pam Cundy

The photos of Nancy Belle above were taken by George Emtage & Pam Cundy at Great Barrier Island.
Pam believes that she may have been built at the Whangateau Traditional Boat Yard by the Greenwoods. To my untrained eye there are some similarities to Awatere, which was built by Greenwoods at WTB.

Any woodys able to confirm this & or supply more details on her ?

UPDATE:  Hawke-eye Nathan Herbert ID’ed Nancy Belle as Siren (below) – featured already on ww

Now this has to be a great example how a vessel can visually ‘change’ when her varnished coamings are painted 😦

Update from Pan Cundy

Pam told me she thought Siren might have been a Greenwood  because Siren looks so much like the image below that Howard G sent her some years ago. She has subsequently heard that this was boat was built by Howard for the Ray brothers.


8 thoughts on “Nancy Belle

  1. W.S. Gilbert; “The Ballad Of The Nancy Belle”, or “A Tale Of Cannibalism At Sea”.
    “Oh, I am the cook, and the captain bold
    And the mate of the Nancy, brig,
    The bosun tight
    And the midshipmites
    And the crew of the captain’s gig ………..”


  2. I owned her for a while on Kawau. She was prevoiusly owned by the famous/infamous Brian Henry.
    I sold her to Graham Lennan who had her at Sandspit before she went to Barrier.
    She did in fact vist Whangateau while I had her.


  3. Thanks for the photos Pam, great to see Siren after so many years. She originally had a BMC Captain diesel 36hp, the first one in the country I believe and installed by Tracy Nelson.


  4. Agreed, bring back the varnish. Although that doesnt appear to be her purpose in life at present which I suppose is fine. She will be well built if anything like Korara and Mapuna.


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