Bailey & Lowe

photo ex Angus Rogers ex Northcote Tavern

The only photo that I had of the Bailey & Lowe yard at Sulphur Beach, Northcote, was one I took with the iPhone from a library book & it was very average.
The above is hanging on the wall in the Northcote Tavern & was snapped (via iPhone) by Angus Rogers.

What Angus was doing there is a mystery, must have taken a wrong turn & missed the Remuera motorway turn off 🙂

Anyone able to ID the vessels hauled out?

9 thoughts on “Bailey & Lowe

  1. That photo is also available via one of the photo collections either at the War Memorial Museum
    or central library.


  2. Hi Alan, The wonderful photo of Bailey and Lowe Boatbuilders has, as centrepiece, the trading launch Lady Eva, launched in 1913.​ I have built a model of her which pleases me much. Lady Eva’s launching was delayed until the arrival from Europe of the newly invented oil burning engine which was preferred over the traditional steam engine originally intended. Of course, you know that, as well as the sad fact that Lady Eva is slowly rotting away in the estuary at Helensville. regards Bruce

    On Tue, Oct 6, 2015 at 1:08 AM, – the #1 classic wooden bo


  3. I think the new boat outside behind LADY EVA is NAUTILUS awaiting shipment to Lyttelton. She is now (much modified) at the Maritime Museum, until recently at least purported to have been under fire at Gallipoli which is not the case.


  4. The photo will be late October early November 1913. Her Beardmore was held up by the Wharf Strike.


  5. The harbour bridge sure screwed up some nice neighbourhood beaches. Boatbuilders don’t seem to have any recognition by authorities for their great contributions to regional development. Just moved on when a better offer for the land arrives and it no longer suits the council. Keep up the pressure in memory of Percy Vos and so many others who went by the wayside, Baden and John!


  6. The big launch is Lady Eva. She is finished but waiting for her 120 H.P Beardmore semi diesel to arrive from the UK.


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