A Pre Christmas Woody Cruise


Alice James










Orari II



A Pre Christmas Woody Cruise
Bay of Islands woody & photographer Dean Wright has just returned from playing hooky (his words) for the last 4 weeks on a mates sailing cat. Dean spent a fair bit of time around Barrier Island & snapped some woodys he spotted at the Barrier & elsewhere on-route.
First (unnamed) boat above was anchored in a bay on Rangiahua Island in the Broken Islands. Can anyone tells us more about her?
Next up is Nancy Belle and one of my favourites,  Marguerite were on their moorings in Whangaparapara.
Then we have Vanessa and Kiwitea on moorings in Mahurangi.
Orari II is seen on anchor in Home Bay, Rakino Island
Lastly – Linda & the Brooke family at anchor in Takutairaroa Bay, Motuihe Island.
Stunning boats & as always from Dean great photos.
As you are floating or driving around this Christmas / NY period, if you see any woodys – take a photo/s and send them in to us.

Nancy Belle

photo ex Pam Cundy

The photos of Nancy Belle above were taken by George Emtage & Pam Cundy at Great Barrier Island.
Pam believes that she may have been built at the Whangateau Traditional Boat Yard by the Greenwoods. To my untrained eye there are some similarities to Awatere, which was built by Greenwoods at WTB.

Any woodys able to confirm this & or supply more details on her ?

UPDATE:  Hawke-eye Nathan Herbert ID’ed Nancy Belle as Siren (below) – featured already on ww https://waitematawoodys.com/2014/07/12/siren-2/

Now this has to be a great example how a vessel can visually ‘change’ when her varnished coamings are painted 😦

Update from Pan Cundy

Pam told me she thought Siren might have been a Greenwood  because Siren looks so much like the image below that Howard G sent her some years ago. She has subsequently heard that this was boat was built by Howard for the Ray brothers.