Summer Boating in the Bay of Islands – Part 2

Orari II

Summer Boating in the Bay of Islands – Part 2

Our resident B.O.I. woody – Dean Wright is a star, above is another batch of photos from the Bay of Islands. I was especially rapped to get the top two of Marline, WW readers will know that she spent several months at the end of last year I the shed at The Slipway Milford getting a top-chop. You can read / see more on that at the WW link below. Wonderful to see her back in the bay and with Ken Warne at the helm.

The very large – Galerina, is looking the sharpest in many a year – well done to whoever is caring for her. Can anyone put a name to the last photo, the launch with the game poles – its something like ‘Hattele’

I have been getting weather reports from back in the city that its been very wet – my garden will be very happy. But I can report that other than 2 hours of light rain on 01-01-2021, its as dry as a crisp. Photo below from Rakino – West Bay on the left and Woody Bay on the right. 
As always if you spot anyone or thing that might appeal to the WW readers, pull the phone out and snap a photo and send in to

A Pre Christmas Woody Cruise


Alice James










Orari II



A Pre Christmas Woody Cruise
Bay of Islands woody & photographer Dean Wright has just returned from playing hooky (his words) for the last 4 weeks on a mates sailing cat. Dean spent a fair bit of time around Barrier Island & snapped some woodys he spotted at the Barrier & elsewhere on-route.
First (unnamed) boat above was anchored in a bay on Rangiahua Island in the Broken Islands. Can anyone tells us more about her?
Next up is Nancy Belle and one of my favourites,  Marguerite were on their moorings in Whangaparapara.
Then we have Vanessa and Kiwitea on moorings in Mahurangi.
Orari II is seen on anchor in Home Bay, Rakino Island
Lastly – Linda & the Brooke family at anchor in Takutairaroa Bay, Motuihe Island.
Stunning boats & as always from Dean great photos.
As you are floating or driving around this Christmas / NY period, if you see any woodys – take a photo/s and send them in to us.

Orari II


photos ex Robin Elliott

Another mystery launch post & if they are all as cool as this one, there will be more 🙂

Robin has sent me a collection of launch photos from the Whangarei Cruising Club Collection, as far as Robin knows, all are from the 1940’s early 1950’s & and were taken by Palmer Photography in Whangarei (1910-1999). Most by the late Graeme Palmer and possibly some older ones by his father.

So woodys who can ID this one? ITS ORARI II

Update from Robin Elliott

Orari II was featured in Sea Spray August 1960 when owned by Harry Julian. While I see similarities in the hull, the cabin (with venetian blinds – Luxaflex no doubt) is quite different, having been pushed forward right to the mast.
Does this still match with your opinions of those original pix being Orari II?

Orari II

07-07-2018 Input from Ken Ricketts (edit by Alan H)

My parents I knew Harry & June & Harry’s late father Lance, & their children well.  C.1948 we cruised with them, when he used take the BARBARA W, one of his father’s tugs, away for Christmas cruises, photo below of our boat JULIANA tied to BARBARA W, one Christmas in the 1950s.

Harry shepherded 9 of us in our boats, from Kawau, in to every nook & cranny, as far as the B.O.I. Later ORARI II was his first launch of his own, he told us the story of the Fisher owner/builder facts, & that she had been kept in a shed a Whangarei all her life, & he was just her second owner, & she of had the 2 Chrysler Royals, which stayed there, for many years.

He kept her at Okahu / Hobson Bay & only sold her when he replaced her with the HAUNUI, ORAR II passed to Harold Parkinson, who maintained her just as beautifully as the Fishers & Harry, before him. She was always impeccable.

I saw her on a hardstand a few year back post 2000 & sadly the varnish had gone & she was looking quite a  lot the worse for wear sadly, but hopefully sounds as if she has had some much needed T.L.C. more recently.

Also recall is that she eventually had the Chryslers replaced with 2 BMC 4 cyl diesels & if she has Perkins now,  I think these must have been a subsequent replacement.

Update May 2021 – photo below, ex Dean Wright, of Orari II moored at Waitangi, Bay of Islands.