The above photo was sent in by Scott Taylor, son of the late Mac Taylor, a prominent marine broker based in Westhaven. The caption reads – H. Vipond, Silverdale, 32’ x 8’6”. Scott commented that it would most likely have been – Mr Vipond of Vipond Road, Stanmore Bay, Auckland.

In a WW story back in July 2016, Harold Kidd commented that Ozone was built by Percy McIntosh in Whangarei in 1914 for a Harold Vipond for the Auckland-Wade River trade. Then he took Ozone north to the Bay of Islands in 1925 or perhaps a tad earlier for game-fishing, which she was very successful at. Link below to the 2016 story


In the photo above we see her before her helmsman ’turret’ and mast were added. Any guesses on the photo location – I’m always wrong, but my guess would be Whangaroa Harbour. (to confuse maters HDK advised that there were two launches named Ozone around the same time – the other was built by Collings & Bell and wrecked at Takatu in Jan 1930) 

I’m helping Scott re-purpose some woody goods – check out the photo below of the pair of pohutukawa knees, quite large but maybe a little thin for a big sailing woody but a nice launch………… 

Westhaven Classic Launches





Today’s photos come to us from Scott Taylor and are from the same batch that Scott sent in earlier in the week. You may recall that Scott is the son of the late Mac Taylor, the Westhaven based boat broker.
Scott told us that the photos was probably taken by himself over fifty years ago while he was tagging along with his Dad at Westhaven.
In the top photo we see the 1970, Salthouse built launch -Idler, previously on WW  https://waitematawoodys.com/2013/03/27/idler/
In the 2nd photo, closet to the camera, we have a very new looking, modern, mystery launch, which I suspect used up a lot of sheets of plywood in her construction. Alongside her is what I assume is Connie V, the 1949 Lane Motor Boat Co. built launch. These days tucked away at The Slipway Milford, previously on WW
I’m unable to put a name to the last photo – Nathan?
She is an impressive looking craft.

Mystery Westhaven Launch



I have been sent the above photo by Scott Taylor, son of the late Mac Taylor, the Westhaven based boat broker. Scott advised that he had been going through a box of old negatives which he converted into digital photos and came todays woody is one of them.
Scott commented that  the photo was probably taken by himself over fifty years ago while he was tagging along with his Dad at Westhaven Marina.
Are we able to ID the launch – to me it screams late 1940’s Lidgard bridge-decker and I suspect I know the owner – but I have been wrong before 🙂

4 Classic Yachts – Sailing Sunday

4 classic yachts #

4 Classic Yachts – Sailing Sunday

How many of the above can we ID ? they are all still afloat. Photo is from the Mac Taylor collection.


And if you need some motivation to get the sandpaper & varnish out – click the link below & check out this line up of 33 beautiful classic yachts at Les Voiles de St Tropez. My eldest daughter (23) is currently in St Tropez, leaving on Tuesday for Sardinia on a 260’+ monster super ‘yacht’. Oh to be young & carefree again 🙂

1947 Squadron Weekend

RNZYS Kawau Weekend Feb1947

1947 Squadron Weekend at Kawau

The above photo appeared in the 19th Feb, 1947 issue of the ‘Weekly News’ (ex Mac Taylor collection) & shows the RNZYS fleet at anchor in Mansion House Bay, Kawau Island for the annual squadron weekend at Kawau, which continues to this day. Its a very impressive line up of classic’s that includes most of todays premier classic woodys.

New Classic Read
If you are looking for a ‘fix’ of classic sun & sailing this winter (in fact anytime) check out the new UK magazine at the news stands (got mine at Whitcholls).
Its called Classic Sailor & its publisher is Dan Houston ex Classic Boat magazine editor – & the best news, its only $9.50
The June issue (cover below) is the 9th issue, check it out, you’ll enjoy it. More info at   classicsailor.com

Classic Sailor

Belle Heather (Heather Belle) – Sailing Sunday



Bella Heather (Heather Belle) – Sailing Sunday
photos & details ex Tim Evill

On Waiheke Island these is a lovely 100 year old yacht that has just been rescued from a beehive restoration (a box of matches).
Belle Heather  was reportedly built by a Norwegian boat builder around 1915 and he built two other of a similar ilk. It fell into disrepair and it was taken on by the RSA who were going to renovate her and had made a start but then had to move her off the Causeway on Waiheke as all boats are being cleared now. No one seemed keen to take her on so she was due to be burned. Luckily Michael Raymond, a Waiheke builder fell in love with her super lines and put his hand up. He now has her outside his house and has already made a start on her. She is double skin kauri and needs an engine and full rigging.

So the question today is – do any woodys have more info one her, as Michael would love to find out more on her past. Also I imagine if you have an (smallish) engine in the shed that is  looking for a home…………

25-04-2016 Update & photo below from Jason Prew

Built by Neilson from Kawhia….. its not heather belle….it’s Belle Heather (amended. AH)

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 7.22.18 AM

Mystery Yacht
photo  ex Mac Taylor collection

I’m sure the classic yachties that follow ww will find this one easy to ID.
Make sure you check out ww tomorrow, there will be a great post on the ex Auckland pilot boat – Waitemata, wonderful photos from construction to present day.

MysteryYacht S:S 24:04


Sanders Cup Yachts – Sailing Sunday

Jellicoe Class Sanders Cup Boats

Sanders Cup Yachts – Sailing Sunday
photos from ex Mac Taylor Collection

The above photo shows three Jellicoe Class Sanders Cup boats ( X28 – X34 – X45) in full flight on Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour. I have included below the original photos as the resolution weakens on the cropped version above.

Harold Kidd Input

X28 is DESIRE built by Trot Willetts for Ed Croad in 1948ish. Never outstanding.
X34 is BETTINA built by Sam Mason for himself in 1946. She won the Sanders Cup in 1948.
X45 is WHITE HEATHER built by Jim Young for himself in 1949. She won the Sanders Cup in 1949.

My guess is that this is the Auckland Sanders Cup trials of 1949.

Robin will probably be more encyclopaedic than me.

Jellicoe Class Sanders Cup Boats 1

29-03-2016 Input from Jim Young
Confirming photo probably taken in Nov 1948  during the Sanders Cup selection trials.  X45 White Heather J.Young, L.( Wagger)  Riley, .R Lamb , F.(Snow ) Swanberg. All of Northcote.  X34  Bettina,  Sam Mason of Stanley Bay, X28 Desire Eddie Croad of Pt Chevalier.

22′ Mullet Boat – Sailing Sunday

22′ Mullet Boat – Sailing Sunday
photos from ex Mac Taylor Collection

The above photo shows an unidentified 22′ mullet boat in full flight on Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour. The crew have an impressive amount of canvas up & unlike the photo below are in full control 🙂

Wynyards (Lushington’s) Bay + Wirihana 1

Wynyards (Lushington’s) Bay
photo ex Mac Taylor Collection

Now I’m sure to some / most of you the bay in the above photo will be very familiar but not to me. I have a good hunch but I’ll let you all chip in. Remember you can click on the image to enlarge & if you click again on the enlarged photo it will zoom in even more.

Wirihana 1
The 2nd part of today’s post is a great photo, below, I found in Mac Taylor’s album, the launch is the first Wirihana (1) – there is a great story found at the link below concerning Wirihana (1), which most likely became Lady Gay (1) + how Wirihana (2) & Lady Gay (2) fitted into the scene. Great reading & a fine example of the ww blog really working.


Seems everyone is right on the button with ID’ing the location – Harold Kidd sent me a link to the Henry Winkelmann photos (post card) ex the Auckland Museum collection below, taken in 1899. It is ‘Rodmershaw’ the residence of Mr Lushington.

I’m very familiar with the location as early one morning during a Mahurangi Regatta weekend, I had to retrieve my #1 kauri clinker dinghy from the beach after it went walkies in the night & washed up there, undamaged. The gods were smiling on me that weekend 🙂

Update from Harold Kidd
The photo below, ex Auckland Museum collection,  shows Mrs Lushington sitting on the ballast of her husband’s Robert Logan-built yacht MURITAI in 1899 at the property.
The 22ft mullet boat on the beach behind MURITAI is the 22 footer BELLE built by Hewson & Melville in 1883 also owned by Lushington. BELLE was converted to a deadwood keel yacht & later renamed LOTUS.

Pam Cundy Input

Pam sent me the photo below of of her partner, George Emtage, grandfather Captain George Samuel Emtage. They lived in a bay just around the corner from the bay shown above and worked for the Lushingtons and the Chandlers on Motuora. The excerpt from the book Jade River tells the story of how George’s family inherited Motuora island.


photos & details ex Scott Taylor
In the early 1960’s Mac Taylor of HM Taylor Shipbrokers drew up the lines for Siren & had Snow Waters build her c.1962. The Taylor family used her to cruise the gulf & sold her c.1966.
In the launch day photos above, the tractor driver is Flap Martiningo, Tony Mason provided the trailer and Snow Waters is encouraging Scott’s mother to smash the bottle on the anchor, Scott recalls it took six attempts 🙂 Mac Taylor is on the foredeck.

Scott is curious to find out where she may be now and what state she would be in.

click photos to enlarge

Update from Dave Jackson 13/07/2014

She is now renamed “Nancy Belle” and lives on moorings behind the Whangaparapara wharf, Great Barrier Island. Owned by Max Howard. Topsides have been painted white. He uses her as a cray boat.