ozone 2


I do not know much about the launch Ozone other than Harold Kidd has commented previously that there were 2 launches built named Ozone & the above is the one built by Percy McIntosh in Whangarei in 1914 for Harold Vipond for the Auckland-Wade River trade but which Vipond took north to the Bay of Islands in 1925 or perhaps a tad earlier for game-fishing. Looking at both photos she was obviously a successful game boat, in each photo she has a fish on board.

Do we know anymore? HDK also commented that it was rumoured Ozone was now at Mahurangi……… Russell Ward……. are you able to input?
The photo is from the Auckland Museum, Tudor Collins collection.

ps loving the turret* for the helmsman. (* whats the correct term?)

12 thoughts on “Ozone

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  2. I would say the scow is either “Waikonini” or “Ngahau” Waikonini was a typical shapeless coal carrier built for the Ngunguru coal trade. Jane Gifford had much more sheer and was an alround better looker.


  3. There you go Jason, if the new lowline your girl gives you a crick in the neck we have an answer,
    perfect for all weather driving, and so much more classy than a flying bridge.


  4. There was a Dally who owned the Warkworth fish shop for many years called Tony — He called the shop Tonys as I recall. A round faced balding very friendly, colourful outgoing guy. — KEN R


  5. Going back a few years, 1990’s ?? she was owned by a Mahurangi fisherman, can’t recall his Dally name, I think he owned, or fished for, the fish shop in Warkworth. He kept her on a mooring near the mouth of Dawson’s Creek.


  6. Coincidently Collings and Bell built a Ozone as well in 1912 (32’x8’6″x3′) for F Wooley, I would like more info on this boat as well & any photos. please.


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