The above photo was sent in by Scott Taylor, son of the late Mac Taylor, a prominent marine broker based in Westhaven. The caption reads – H. Vipond, Silverdale, 32’ x 8’6”. Scott commented that it would most likely have been – Mr Vipond of Vipond Road, Stanmore Bay, Auckland.

In a WW story back in July 2016, Harold Kidd commented that Ozone was built by Percy McIntosh in Whangarei in 1914 for a Harold Vipond for the Auckland-Wade River trade. Then he took Ozone north to the Bay of Islands in 1925 or perhaps a tad earlier for game-fishing, which she was very successful at. Link below to the 2016 story


In the photo above we see her before her helmsman ’turret’ and mast were added. Any guesses on the photo location – I’m always wrong, but my guess would be Whangaroa Harbour. (to confuse maters HDK advised that there were two launches named Ozone around the same time – the other was built by Collings & Bell and wrecked at Takatu in Jan 1930) 

I’m helping Scott re-purpose some woody goods – check out the photo below of the pair of pohutukawa knees, quite large but maybe a little thin for a big sailing woody but a nice launch………… 

Mahurangi Regatta – Woody Weekend – 196 photos


WoW what a weekend – perfect weather, perfect location and as always stunning boats. We saw a record turn out for the classic wooden boat parade on Saturday morning – the crowd ashore at Sullivans was a little thin on the ground, but if we are honest, we do not do it for them – its all about us 🙂 , a little like going for a motorbike rumble. We need more events where we just ‘hang-out’ together.

The regatta’s main event – the yacht race appeared to be a big success, the A-Class Logan –  Rawhiti, in the hands of her new owner – Peter Brookes, cleaned up all the major trophies. As has become the norm at Mahurangi races, the results process was a total balls up, it was very dark and late into the night before the final, final results were announced – fingers crossed its all kosher, last year it took days and numerous oops lets try that again announcements 🙂

The big band beach BBQ, was a hit, perfect on all fronts – weather, tide, the band, bbq’s and the people. Given the number of boats in Bon Accord Harbour, Kawau Island, most people headed there on Sunday. The Kawau Boating Boat was bursting at the seams but handed it well. I have split the photos into 4 galleries – Classic Wooden Boat Parade – Yacht Race – Beach BBQ – More (includes Kawau). If I missed your boat, you were somewhere I wasn’t, or in the wrong light , or your’e boats ugly (joking – sort off).
Enjoy a peak at the weekend., click individual photos to enlarge. Next weekend I’m off to the Lake Rotoiti Classic and Wooden Boat Parade –  its a biggie – they have 70+ entries  






Rosemary – Leon Warne

ROSEMARY – Leon Warne
The above photo of the launch Rosemary popped up on Lew Redwood’s fb – the caption read ’the Rosemary, Feb 1950 at the wharf, Otehei Bay, Bay of Islands. Seen here ‘bearing the pennants of a striped marlin and black marlin’.

A little research via the WW comments section, un-covered input from Harold Kidd and Ray Morey that matches the above launch – in summary, that she was designed / built by Leon Warne in 1920 at St Mary’s Bay, Auckland and was approx. 36’ in length. Rosemary was prominent in game fishing in the B.O.I. . All that seems to match today’s launch, so we now have a photo of Leon Warne’s Rosemary in the 1950’s. Photo below of her in the 1920’s running alongside Ozone, built by Collings & Bell in 1912.

View/read more on her early days here

Anyone able to enlighten us on what happened to her post this 1950 photo?



ozone 2


I do not know much about the launch Ozone other than Harold Kidd has commented previously that there were 2 launches built named Ozone & the above is the one built by Percy McIntosh in Whangarei in 1914 for Harold Vipond for the Auckland-Wade River trade but which Vipond took north to the Bay of Islands in 1925 or perhaps a tad earlier for game-fishing. Looking at both photos she was obviously a successful game boat, in each photo she has a fish on board.

Do we know anymore? HDK also commented that it was rumoured Ozone was now at Mahurangi……… Russell Ward……. are you able to input?
The photo is from the Auckland Museum, Tudor Collins collection.

ps loving the turret* for the helmsman. (* whats the correct term?)

Ozone & Rosemary


Continuing the game fishing link today – this time Ozone & Rosemary – more details below

photo ex classicgameboatnz

Harold Kidd Update

There were two OZONEs which makes matters confusing. The first was built by Collings & Bell in 1912. The second was built by Percy McIntosh in Whangarei in 1914 for Harold Vipond for the Auckland-Wade River trade but which Vipond took north to the Bay of Islands in 1925 or perhaps a tad earlier for game-fishing. 

ROSEMARY was built in St.Mary’s Bay by Leon Warne in December 1920 for himself and his brother George and was taken north for game-fishing out of Russell at about the same time as OZONE. The Warne brothers then set up boatbuilding, repairs as well as gameboat chartering at Russell. ROSEMARY originally had a Scripps 4 cylinder but was later fitted with a Redwing. There wasn’t much love lost between Chas. Collings and Leon Warne after Warne served his time with Collings and set up alongside him in 1916. Warne shared that opinion with Alf Bell who probably worked for Leon when he left the Walsh Brothers at Kohimarama; but Alf Bell didn’t build ROSEMARY. Perhaps there’s confusion because Warne’s foreman was Alf RAGG.

Both launches were very successful in promoting the deep sea angling sport in the Bay of Islands, both from Russell and Whangaroa. The boom in the sport was accelerated by Zane Grey’s involvement in the later 1920s but ground almost to a standstill in the Depression, picking up gain by 1937.

ROSEMARY was originally launched a a dashing flushdecker. See “N Z Vintage Launches” p92 for a pic of her at speed on the Waitemata in the 1925 Anniversary Regatta.

Cutting From Northern Advocate – 30 Dec 1920 ex Harold Kidd ex Papers Past