Rosemary was built in St.Mary’s Bay by Leon Warne in December 1920 for himself and his brother George and was taken north for game-fishing out of Russell. The Warne brothers then set up boat building, repairs as well as game boat chartering at Russell. Rosemary originally had a Scripps 4 cylinder but was later fitted with a Redwing. Originally launched as a dashing flush decker

She was a very successful in promoting the deep sea angling sport in the Bay of Islands, both from Russell and Whangaroa.

Today’s photos are ex the Auckland Museum, Tudor Collins collection, email to me by Ken Ricketts. Vessel details ex Harold Kidd

8 thoughts on “Rosemary

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  2. I only reprinted what was printed on the image, presumably done by T Collins, in which case one would assume he would he would know since he took it!!! — I never actually knew the Duke myself. (haha)– I don’t move in those circles you know, notwithstanding he was before my time!! — KEN R


  3. Yes yes but ill stick by my guns on this one, if only to take a side. Theres another Rosemary in Gulf Harbour, similar length and similar age and style….


  4. Nah, some Yank I think! The Duke of Gloucester was King George VI’s brother and a much younger and more handsome gentleman. One of the images is captioned “Duke of Glouster (sic)” but is Lord Bledisloe.


  5. I think that it is highly improbable that this is the racer. They are entirely different from the waist up, and i can’t see the reason to change from one upper-topsides style to another in such a short period of time.


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