Belle Heather (Heather Belle) – Sailing Sunday



Bella Heather (Heather Belle) – Sailing Sunday
photos & details ex Tim Evill

On Waiheke Island these is a lovely 100 year old yacht that has just been rescued from a beehive restoration (a box of matches).
Belle Heather  was reportedly built by a Norwegian boat builder around 1915 and he built two other of a similar ilk. It fell into disrepair and it was taken on by the RSA who were going to renovate her and had made a start but then had to move her off the Causeway on Waiheke as all boats are being cleared now. No one seemed keen to take her on so she was due to be burned. Luckily Michael Raymond, a Waiheke builder fell in love with her super lines and put his hand up. He now has her outside his house and has already made a start on her. She is double skin kauri and needs an engine and full rigging.

So the question today is – do any woodys have more info one her, as Michael would love to find out more on her past. Also I imagine if you have an (smallish) engine in the shed that is  looking for a home…………

25-04-2016 Update & photo below from Jason Prew

Built by Neilson from Kawhia….. its not heather belle….it’s Belle Heather (amended. AH)

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 7.22.18 AM

Mystery Yacht
photo  ex Mac Taylor collection

I’m sure the classic yachties that follow ww will find this one easy to ID.
Make sure you check out ww tomorrow, there will be a great post on the ex Auckland pilot boat – Waitemata, wonderful photos from construction to present day.

MysteryYacht S:S 24:04


4 thoughts on “Belle Heather (Heather Belle) – Sailing Sunday

  1. BELLE HEATHER was built by Neil Neilsen at Waiharakeke on Kawhia Harbour in 1917 for G. McD. Robertson of Wanganui.. The Neilsen brothers were born in Denmark and worked in the US before coming to NZ. Kawhia is the southern limit for kauri, of course. They built several yachts and launches there before selling out and shifting to Tauranga about 1919. The two other significant centreboard/keel yachts they built were COLMA (later WANDERER) and EONA, later CYNTHIA, which Jason owned recently, of typical Yank batten-carvel construction. Oddly enough I was in San Francisco on Sunday, close to the town of Colma where the Neilsens’ brother “Battling Nelson” beat Jimmy Britt on September 9, 1905 for the lightweight prizefighting title in a bruising contest.


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