photos ex Dean Wright

Professional photographer Dean Wright & owner of the classic 1927 Bob Brown built launch Arethusa, sent me the above photos of Destiny at anchor in Waipiro Bay, Bay of Islands last weekend. Dean did a couple of circle around her in Arethusa.

Any of the work boat woodys out there able to shed some light on her past? She is a rather large woody & I assume now retired.

8 thoughts on “Destiny

  1. Hi, I will check in my old photographs, but I reckon she is the (former) FV “Para Star” from Yorke Peninsula in South Australia {moorings at Port Turton and Edithburgh). As Neil said above, spotted gum and Kelvin diesel. I worked on her in the early 1980’s tagging Australian salmon (western sister species to your NZ Kawahai). She began as a tuna poler, with fishing by shallow water purse-seine for salmon in the off-season, but then specialised on salmon, before fitting a puretic block and moving onto pilchards plus salmon, and then back to concentrate on salmon. The mast, 2 booms and tuna tower are gone if I am right. The fishing family had their own Cessna spotter plane, freezer works, and “White” semi-trailer. Best fishing family I’ve ever seen, and, hell, I have stories of my few seasons aboard. She carried a big net skiff on the back deck and shot in schools of fish with it just behind the surf zone when the swell dropped. Crew of 8 including 2 divers who worked from a hookah dinghy (a Savage Gannet) in the middle of the net to lift the leadline over rocks, and another deckie rowing out the end of the net in the “Suicide dinghy”. There was a capstan in the net skiff operated by the skipper for pulling the leadline and 2 deckies hauled the floatrope in by hand. At anchor when waiting for a shot (sometimes for weeks) there was no gennie operating, with 12Volt lighting and a kero fridge. I could hear the shrimps clicking through the hull. Best sleeps ever. I heard from the skipper she had been sold to some Kiwis and have been looking out ever since. I saw her just now in a YouTube about Wanganella banks. If it is’nt Para Star, it is a close sister ship. Brings back so many memories. Arch competitor of the FV “Almonta” for salmon schools which resides, still, in Port Lincoln. FV “Tacoma” steals all the limelight, but “Para Star” and “Almonta” were mighty fish catchers with skippers hard as iron.

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  2. Saw her at Whangaroa just before New Year, anchored in “houghton” bay Milford Island. A strange looking craft, reminds me of a very large kid’s tug-boat toy.


  3. Built in port Adelaide 1973.originally tuna fishing then purse sein fishing been retired for past 10 years,68 footer built from gum so heavy at around 100 ton powered by 8 cylinder kelvin


  4. About 6 or 7 years ago she was moored at Robertsons when I had some work done on my boat there. I believe that she is of North American origin – West Coast?. She has been doing game fishing of the East Coast in recent years and the crew are aces at catching swordfish.


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