Mooching Around Whangaroa




Mooching Around Whangaroa
photos ex Nathan Herbert

Last weekend Nathan took a break (based on the weather forecast) from working on Lucinda & headed north to Whangaroa for some R&R. He reports the fishing was good.
This collection of photos show some of the woodys Nathan spied in the harbour (Totara North) while aboard Korara.

7 thoughts on “Mooching Around Whangaroa

  1. LEAH Ss presently owned by Dave Dow, a farmer of Kaitaia, & has a 4 cyl “D” series Ford Diesel.

    He bought her about 7 years ago on the hardstand, at Half Moon Bay, where she had been for quite a period, as a result of sinking, off an insurance company, who had paid out on a claim to 2 elderly gentlemen in their 80s, who had owned her for a reasonable period, & had taken her to their home, which he believes was in the Bucklands Beach area, to do a fairly extensive maintenance programme, including rewiring, new bilge pumps etc. He told me he believes they eventually returned her to the water, & went away for a cruise.

    Shortly after leaving, notwithstanding the new wiring etc., they discovered, as with many newly launched wooden boats, that usually take on some water for the first day or 2, in their case the new bilge pumps were not working, & the bilge was filling with water.

    The boat was pumped out, & towed in by coastguard, & left on a ramp, at a local Bucklands Beach yacht club.

    Apparently as a result of the tide coming in she sank there, & in the end was taken over by the insurers.

    Dave had always used her very regularly, but for health reasons, was unable to for about 3 years, & has just got back to regular use, & I understand is shortly going to take her out of the water, & perhaps to his home for a worthwhile coamings refurbish. He told me the hull is extremely sound but the coamings, as appears in the recent pics, need attention.

    He tells me she is a great seaboat & is outstanding in a following sea.

    Now we get to the brains trust part. I told him may boats of her appearance & style, were originally low wooded early 1900s vintage or earlier, & had the hulls built, up in many days gone by, & he told me there was extensive evidence of this, in the ribbing structure, & we both believe this is definitely the case.

    So now, if LEAH, is her original name, & hopefully it is, perhaps our learned historians, can come up with her provenance, at least to some extent. KEN R


  2. Off subject, but does anybody know about a 1951Sam Ford yacht/ motorsailer, originally Aqua Lass (?). Extensively remodelled by Mummery, now called Jackson


  3. As per my comment from the other post, she is fairly quick- saw her out at Stevies a couple of years back, which may suggest that she is just badly neglected but still used in this state? They seem to stay out on her too.

    The yacht probably deserves a post in itself, a good mystery post (no Robins or Harolds allowed though!).

    Mapu looks a million bucks. The Horo is kept in a shed nearby Whangaroa and has a grunty (150hp!) new engine to be installed at some stage so she can see the speed she is famed to have once had. Horo and Mapu were both 20 knotters I am told, with Mapu being the ‘good’ launch and Horo being more of a hack.


  4. Have been sent images which have excellent resolution, by Nathan, of LEAH/LEAF, & have established she is definitely called LEAH.
    Also am hot on the trail of the owner, & hope to have more on this today — KEN R


  5. I have known LEAH/LEAF, since 1946-47 & there is already a post & pic I took of her, posted on 9.10.13, under the heading “DICK DANIELS BOAT, which has more info on her.
    Am really thrilled she has turned up — have a sentimental attachment to her with since childhood.
    Will see if I can find our more history or owners — KEN R


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