Where Is Idler

Where Is Idler
During the week WW was contacted by Brian Keene a previous owner of Idler ensuring as to the where about of the boat and who owns her. I seem to recall she was on trademe in the last few years.

Brian owned the boat for approx. 15 years in the 1980’s > 1990’s, the top photo was taken during this period. As a result of an upcoming relocation Brian is cleaning out some of the items he has acquired over the years, one of those items is the original Fred Parker plans of Idler that Salthouse Bros used to build her in 1970 for Jim Faire.

The 2nd photo (marina) comes to us ex Scott Taylor.
So woodys – where is she and who owns her? Would be good to ensure the plans find the right home.

Update ex Cameron Pollard – Idler is berthed at BBYC. Owned and kept in top condition by Derek Goddard and his wife. If anyone knows Derek, please ask him to contact me on waitematawoodys@gmail.com

Westhaven Classic Launches





Today’s photos come to us from Scott Taylor and are from the same batch that Scott sent in earlier in the week. You may recall that Scott is the son of the late Mac Taylor, the Westhaven based boat broker.
Scott told us that the photos was probably taken by himself over fifty years ago while he was tagging along with his Dad at Westhaven.
In the top photo we see the 1970, Salthouse built launch -Idler, previously on WW  https://waitematawoodys.com/2013/03/27/idler/
In the 2nd photo, closet to the camera, we have a very new looking, modern, mystery launch, which I suspect used up a lot of sheets of plywood in her construction. Alongside her is what I assume is Connie V, the 1949 Lane Motor Boat Co. built launch. These days tucked away at The Slipway Milford, previously on WW
I’m unable to put a name to the last photo – Nathan?
She is an impressive looking craft.