Pirimanu – A Peek Down Below

PIRIMANU – A Peek Down Below

Back in Jan 2016 I snapped a photo of the launch – Pirimanu moored in Maitiatia, Waiheke Island while aboard the ferry. At the time Harold Kidd commented that she was 28’ in length and a Arnold Couldrey design built by Salthouse Bros in 1968 for W.M. (Bill) Macindoe. Her design harks back to 1948 but good things don’t date, do they? Both Couldrey and Macindoe put some time into the build at Greenhithe. HDK added that Macindoe still owned her in 1972 according to Couldrey’s notes and in 1973 according to AYA records. Dennis and Suzie Craig owned her 1997. 2016 photos at this WW link + lots of details in the comments section – https://waitematawoodys.com/2016/01/04/pirimanu/

Early this year, Pirimanu popped up 4sale and must have set a record for a tme listing / sale – she was gone in a few days. Expect to see her around the gulf, her new owners reside on Waiheke Island.

Pirimanu is powered by a 36hp Buku turbo engine that gives her a comfortable 7 knot cruising speed. Thanks to the tme listing we get to have a good gander at her.

18-05-2022 UPDATE – ex Dennis Craig –

“Great to see my old boat looking so good again. a few comments just to tidy up a few loose ends from other peoples comments.

The original design was drawn in 1948 as a 26ft launch with central steering for Wilson and Macindoe. about 1958 the design was modified to a 28ft launch with starboard steering and the Kauri timber earmarked at Totora north. Pirimanu was finally built and launched in 1968 from the Salthouse yard at Greenhithe.

I replaced the Perkins 4.108 after approximately two years of ownership with a Bukh 3 cylinder diesel. The engine with the authorisation from Bukh diesel in Denmark was up-rated to 60hp. To do this the engine was fresh water cooled with a genuine Bukh heat exchanger and a Turbocharger and inter-cooler and was fitted with an up-rated fuel pump.

Just as a trial I fitted some trim tabs and had a lot of fun running her at 10 genuine knots with almost flat wake! however the noise and vibrations weren’t worth it so I removed the trim tabs and de-rated the fuel pump to approximately 55hp.

I only hope that the plans and my ships log are still with the boat and most of all the new owners enjoy her as much as I did for 20 years.”

Where Is Idler

Where Is Idler
During the week WW was contacted by Brian Keene a previous owner of Idler ensuring as to the where about of the boat and who owns her. I seem to recall she was on trademe in the last few years.

Brian owned the boat for approx. 15 years in the 1980’s > 1990’s, the top photo was taken during this period. As a result of an upcoming relocation Brian is cleaning out some of the items he has acquired over the years, one of those items is the original Fred Parker plans of Idler that Salthouse Bros used to build her in 1970 for Jim Faire.

The 2nd photo (marina) comes to us ex Scott Taylor.
So woodys – where is she and who owns her? Would be good to ensure the plans find the right home.

Update ex Cameron Pollard – Idler is berthed at BBYC. Owned and kept in top condition by Derek Goddard and his wife. If anyone knows Derek, please ask him to contact me on waitematawoodys@gmail.com

John Salthouse Crosses The Bar

John Salthouse

John Salthouse Crosses The Bar
Sad to hear that John Salthouse, the founder of Salthouse Boatbuilders passed away on Sunday night. If you have any doubts as to the extent of the mans input to our classic woody fleet just type SALTHOUSE in the WW search box & you’ll be amazed by the craft that John either built or enhanced in his lifetime. Below is a gallery of just some of the craft that Salthouse Boatbuilders have built.
Our thoughts go out to the extended Salthouse family. While he has left us, his legacy will grace our waters for many many years to come.



Every time I catch the ferry to Waiheke Island I notice this classic sedan top launch moored in Matiatia Bay, in close & to the the right of the ferry terminal. Never been close enough to get its name so last week after anchoring in the bay (just a coffee stop) I rowed past with the camera. She looks to have recently had some TLC as she appears a little smarter than on previous visits 😉

What do we know about Pirimanu?

ps hard to tell from the photos but a very tall mast

Harold Kidd Input

The 28 footer PIRIMANU is an Arnold Couldrey design built by Salthouse Bros in 1968 for W.M. (Bill) Macindoe. Her design harks back to 1948 but good things don’t date, do they? Both Couldrey and Macindoe put some time into the build at Greenhithe.
Macindoe still owned her in 1972 according to Couldrey’s notes and in 1973 according to AYA records. Dennis and Suzie Craig owned her 1997


photos ex Ken Ricketts. details anonymous (not KR)

The above photos of Blitzen were taken while hauled out at Gulf Harbour recently. There is a lot of dockside ‘stories’ about Blitzen’s past & ww would love to find of more about this vessel.
Said to be a Salthouse design.
Many moon’s ago a new owner was heading away on a xmas cruise & an engine blow off Northhead so they aborted the trip & returned to the marina. Vessel hauled out & then spent the next 5+ years in a shed during which time she underwent the most amazing restoration, its said that her interior is like a piano. The craftsman working on her would send one day on one floorboard.

Fast forward to relaunch day & someone commented to the owner that with that new cabin superstructure that had been added she would trip over. So Blitzen was parked on a marina at Orakai & never left the marina. Dates are lazy, but the fact that she is now at Gulf Harbour provens the merchant of gloom was wrong.

So woodys – what do we know about Blitzen & is the above true?

Summary of info from the comments section

John Salthouse’s much used note book states that 53ft Blitzen was launched Dec ’73 and was Salthouse Bros 89th build. She was built right way up, two diagonals and a fore and aft, red lead and rivots, no glue for Rex & Ian Heavens, of Heavens Farms Maramarua.

Blitzen was owned for years by the Velas, and Brian McCurrah did the big refurb, on their property, situated where Westgate is now.. He was/is very good. A kauri boardroom table he did for Lion Nathan head office, is now in the Kauri museum, next to Robert Brookes sailing dinghy.
She spent much time in Westhaven, then Westpark.
Blitzen is presently owned by Ian Midgley who lives at the Hibiscus Coast

Photo below Whangaroa 1977, ex Nathan Herbert



The above photos were taken by Pam Cundy & George Emtage in early January 2010 at Fitzroy on Great Barrier Island.
Looks a pretty launch with a good amount of cabin space.

What more do we know about her?

Harold Kidd Input

 She was designed by Bob Salthouse and built by Salthouse Bros in 1966 as PETALYN. She had a Lees Marine Ford 2700E installed in 1989 and is planked in totara. Recent owners (probably still) were Murray and Christine Hood. First owner was G. Henwood.

19-01-2016 Photos at Gt Barrier (Jan 2016) ex Alan Sexton