MIZPAH – Sailing Sunday

MIZPAH – Sailing Sunday

Today’s classic photo comes to us from Lew Redwood (via Ken Ricketts) and is of the yacht Mizpah, seen here off Leigh. The two crew are – Earnie & Ted Torkington.

15-11-2021 Harold Kidd Input – This MIZPAH is the Logan Bros yacht built in November 1895 for A.L. Wilson of the NZ Herald as a centreboard 2 1/2 rater.

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Chantal – Sailing Sunday

Chantal – Sailing Sunday

Chantal was designed, and built in 1981, by Denis Brown, in the Bay of Islands. LOA 8.24m, DWL 7m, Beam 2.1m, Draft 0.9/1.9m Displ 2,450KG 

A 3/4 rig, double ended, centreboard, sloop, that is easy to sail single handed, and very quick in light air. Great for cruising, as the shallow draft with the board up, gives you more options for exploring and anchoring. Fun to race as she is pretty efficient up wind, and has very low drag on a reach. Sailing photos taken during the 2017 Tall Ships Classic Invitation Race.

Constructed in Radiata Pine and Kahikatea, opposing diagonal 4.5mm laminated  planking, outer sheathing 5mm lamination longitudinal. Everything well soaked in West System Epoxy. Centrecase fabricated in 6mm mild steel plate, which holds 1200KG of lead ballast. Centreboard is solid Kauri. Shaft tube and bearing setup for a small inboard motor, which we installed back in 2000 and removed again in 2001.

Sleeps 4 comfortably, and while space is fairly tight the arrangement feels generous. Single burner gas stove, storage space for a medium sized chilly bin and jerry cans for water. Torches and candles for lighting, and a chemical toilet. A very simple set up.

(details & photos ex owner – Bruce Mitchinson)


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Q – Name Bruce Mitchinson’s classic launch


Wellington Yacht – Mabel



Wellinton Yacht – Mabel

I had reason to be at Half Moon Bay marina during the week and I spotted the above yacht on the hard. I understand it has come up from Wellington and is 120+ years old. That folks is all I know.

Keen to put a name to the yacht and learn more about her.
Also had a peek at the 1898 Arch Logan – Rainbow A7, that is having a birthday in one of the sheds. Boatbuilder Paul Tingey is the man overseeing the project – lots of uroxsys work on the agenda.
Update below ex Jason Prew – is he correct?
Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 10.45.18 AM
Input from Gavin Pascoe – My friend owned her for the past 5 years and just sold. She is Mabel built by Chas jr and Walter Bailey in 1895. sailed to Nelson via Wellington in 1917. Then to Lyttelton in the 1930’s, then to Wellington post WWII. She rated at 2.5 but was also a bit of a cruiser – not strictly a racer. She was a long time rather confusedly thought to be a Logan built 1905, I think this is due to her having come from Lyttelton and somebody thought, oh there was an old Logan down there, this must be it. Even a sideways glimpse at her will tell you she is a Bailey, and definitely not anything post 1897

REVOCET – Sailing Sunday



REVOCET – Sailing Sunday

Another classic from my travels down south & mooching around the Queen Charlotte Sounds,  I spotted Revocet berthed at the Waikawa Bay Marina.

A very smartly presented yacht – can anyone tells as about her ? I’m assuming she is wood 🙂

A Question From Mike Forth Relating to the Photo Below

“I have been emptying my father’s house and in the loft came across my grandfather’s photographic gear 1900- 1920’s, along with a number of glass slides and some framed photos.

One was of a regatta, which I am guessing would have been in the Solent or perhaps the Thames estuary. There was no description on the photo or frame and I would like to add one – for posterity.

I tried to identify the yachts using images online, and the closest I came was some 1925 yachts, however the line of the bow did not match. I would be delighted if your readers could shed some light.”