Breeze – Sailing Sunday

BREEZE – Sailing Sunday
photo ex Dean Wright

This stunning photo by Dean Wright of Breeze, the square-rigged 1981 brigantine, is one of the featured artworks currently on display at the Kaan Zaaan Gallery in Kerkeri. In the photo Breeze is making her way downwind past Motuarohia (Roberton Island) headed for Tapeka Point.
Dean’s exhibition ‘Days At Sea’ runs until the 26th July. His work can also be viewed here

Gallery link

Below is a link (blue) to a pdf file with more details on the photos – when,how & why Dean took them. Enjoy.

ps Mondays ww post will be a monty – I apologize in advance for hijacking a large chunk of your day 🙂


4 thoughts on “Breeze – Sailing Sunday

  1. Hi Pam thank you, would love to bring the exhibition to Matakana, anywhere we could show them?


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