MIZPAH – Sailing Sunday

MIZPAH – Sailing Sunday

Today’s classic photo comes to us from Lew Redwood (via Ken Ricketts) and is of the yacht Mizpah, seen here off Leigh. The two crew are – Earnie & Ted Torkington.

15-11-2021 Harold Kidd Input – This MIZPAH is the Logan Bros yacht built in November 1895 for A.L. Wilson of the NZ Herald as a centreboard 2 1/2 rater.

IF YOU ARE WANTING WW GEAR B4 XMAS – NOW’S THE TIME TO ORDER – LINK https://waitematawoodys.com/2021/11/11/58095/

I’m told the yacht below is/was an 18’ racing skiff, project came to a halt several years ago – comes with the trailer. Maybe not 100% free – a few cartons of beer and the boat and trailer are yours. Auckland based.MUST BE PICKED UP IN 6 DAYS EMAIL waitematawoodys@gmail.com if interested

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