La Paloma


Back in October 2019 Nathan Herbert shared with us the b/w photo above of the launch – La Paloma, at the time we were unable to uncover more about the launch.

Then as WW is so good at – we fast forward to earlier in the week and Alistair McRae owner of Lady Margaret (Happy Wander / Lady Mary) from Whangarei lets us know they had just hauled La Paloma out at the Port Whangarei Marine Centre yard. Alistair commented that La Paloma has been owned by Alan Scott for many years and kept in a boat shed at Kissing Point, Whangarei.

Would love to know more about the launch and when the obelisk was added.

3 thoughts on “La Paloma

  1. To the best of my recall she was built by the Harding Brothers at Bucklands Beach in the early 1960’s for Don Wishart , he kept her on a mooring off Wharf Road. She was the most good looking vessel at the time. Mr Wishart was the Patron of the Bucklands Beach Yacht Club and supported youth involvement in sailing and to that end commissioned the the Hardings to build a beautiful varnished mahogany “P” class for a youngster nominated by the Club to sail for a year.


  2. Remember her so well back in the 50s & 60s, always kept beautifully, & used very regularly.
    Often saw her at the bottom end, Ponui, & Kawau, She has never had a name change, which is lovely, & apart from the substantial upper appendage, fitted, by the look of it, comparatively recently, is still otherwise virtually original. — KEN R (edited)


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