Hami (Wanda II)

HAMI (Wanda II) 

Today we get to take a gander at the stunning work that Tom Rundle has been undertaking on his classic launch – Hami, previously named Wanda II. Wanda II was built in 1948 by the Lane Motor Boat Company, and as launched she was 38’6”. Tom purchased Hami off Chris Horsey, brother of Steve Horsley of SY Ngatira fame. View photos from then at link below: https://waitematawoodys.com/2014/11/25/wanda-ii/

Under Tom’s watch Hami has had a major refurbishment with all the latest bells and whistles added, but very cleverly tucked away out of sight. Power comes from twin BMC Commodore 55hp diesel engines. You can view the early days of the project here:   https://waitematawoodys.com/2020/11/12/wanda-ii-refurbishment/

In Tom’s words “the exterior is fairly under control, its now back to teak comings and decks glassed. New hatches bar the original butterfly hatch which was saveable, and gradually changing out the old windows. Cockpit still to top coat and a few touch ups. Systems are on track- all new electrical, plumbing, steering and tankage. The interior is about 80%, still some lining and finishing, but usable for summer.”

Chatting with Tom he was very complementary to the help and guidance given to him by boat builder Geoff Bagnall and Curly Salthouse, Tom says he even followed some of the advice 🙂 The fold away dinghy davit is by Larry Randell of Randell Stainless and a work of art.

Tom has very high standards so I had to lean on him to get the above photos, once Hami is finished we will go back for a A > Z story on the project.

2 thoughts on “Hami (Wanda II)

  1. Looking stunning all right. Nice work Tom. My brother Chris would have been proud as punch. Sadly he didn’t have the finances or wherefore-all to do the work himself. I remember the horrible gear lever arrangements for both engines.


  2. Having known her ever since she went in the water brand new, I can say she is much more stunning today than when Fred Porter had Lane Motor Boat build her for him. She has only ever had 2 sets of engines. Originally 2 x 90 HP Scripps petrol engines replaced by the present BMCs in the 1960s — SHE’S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! — ken r


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