Wanda II Refurbishment


Mooching around The Slipway Milford yesterday I spotted a familiar looking shape, closer inspection revealed Wanda II was hauled out as part of her ‘rolling’ restoration. Previous WW stories tell us she was built in 1948 by the Lane Motor Boat Co. for Fred Porter. She measures 38’6’ and is powered by twin BMC Commodore 55hp diesel engines.

Her current custodian / owner has virtually gutted the interior and is refurbishing her to better match the demands of classic woody family cruising. Whilst the latest fittings and systems are being utilized, her owner has a very sympathetic eye to detail so I’m confident she will look fantastic.Milford wooden boat builder Geoff Bagnall was onboard while I was there replacing / sistering some ribs. I think that is what he was doing 😉

Great to see her at Milford, hopefully providing motivation to Cam Malcolm, head honcho at the Slipway, to accelerate the work on his – Connie V, one of 3 sister ships – Wanda II, Connie V and Doreen. Connie V is currently directly in front of Wanda II inside the shed.   

In the top photo, the woody alongside Wanda II is – Uhuru Jack, getting some TLC. She would have to be one of the oldest residents of Milford Creek Marina.

photo ex Ken Rickets c.1940’s
photo ex Chris Horsley c.2014

7 thoughts on “Wanda II Refurbishment

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  2. Hey Cameron, same gearboxes but they’ve been retrofitted with some sort of air actuator to pull/push the levers…. there’s a compressor under the sole and it makes pssssh noises when it goes from neutral to a gear….

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  3. I’m interested to know if Wanda 2s BMC engines have been overhauled in the last 20 years.
    Clearly the original manual clutch levers etc are gone so she must have had a gearbox transplant.
    We reconditioned both engines in her for Roger Cartwright and that would have to be 25ish years back.
    Took them out floating at the old westhaven grids where Tupperivera sell their shiny barges.

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  4. Allan, you keep referring to my boat “Manuroa” as Doreen. She is 70 years old and may have been called Doreen for just the first 2 years of her life .
    I respectfully ask that in future you refer to her as Manuroa.

    Bruce – you make reference to “I keep” – but only once and that was in reference to her being one of 3 sister ships, and I used all there ‘as launched’ names. The only other time there is a reference to Doreen, I clearly make reference to her current name – see below. Be happy that people are talking about your boat. Alan H

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  5. My Surname has 2 “T”s where it is placed alongside the image I took in Matiatia in 1948 which was taken about a year after she was built.
    If the present owner cares to email me at kennetharicketts@gmail.com I can give him much info about her build, especially in respect of all the engineering & underwater gear part of her build, as the underwater gear my father designed, & his staff made for her, is still there today, exactly as it was made, as my late father, Ralph Ricketts, had huge involvement with it & I watched it all happening as an 11 year old lad. original engines were 2 x 90 HP 6 cyl., Scripps flat head petrol engines with 2 to 1 reduction counter rotating gearboxes & -props., replaced by the present BMCs c1960s — KEN R

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