Haunui Restoration

In between the CV-19 lock-downs one of Auckland’s most beautiful classic wooden motor launches changed ownership – the Colin Wild designed and built 1948 launch – Haunui was sold by Owen Cashmore. In a previous life Haunui was owned by Harry Julian. Haunui was almost immediately hauled out at a private yard and master wooden boat builder Paul Tingey was engaged to return Haunui to her glory days. I showed her new owners over her ‘cousin’- Trinidad and they accepted the challenge to equal her presentation. 

As can happen when dealing with 72 year old wooden artifacts, on close (pulling boards off) inspection the old girl had a few issues, so the decision was made to undertake a total refit, including engine. Haunui is single screw, but has a smaller auxiliary engine > shaft > prop on the starboard side. I believe an electric unit will replace the small diesel. The Gardner sadly is coming out, fyi – prior to going into Haunui, rumour is it came out of a Sydney Harbour > Manly ferry, so was very run in ;-). Her owner has told me they will restore the engine over time but the process involves utilizing a foundry that will have to custom cast the parts that are needed. In the meantime Haunui will receive a new heart transplant. 

As you can see from my photos above, the refit is on a rather grand scale, but Mr Tingey is the man for the job.
We will follow this project and keep you updated. As always, click on photos to enlarge 😉

The photos below are dated 2014, ex Rod Marler, and show Haunui hauled out at Orams yard in Westhaven. 

7 thoughts on “Haunui Restoration

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  3. I see in the first photo Paul is utilising Joshua Slocum’s trick of tacks on the gangplank to deter unwanted noisy parkers.
    Big job.

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  4. Yes they are not even close to the same bloodline.
    Like an original rolex and a more modern copy.

    Cameron – I changed the words ‘sister ship’ to cousin 😉 Alan H

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  5. Sounds like she will come out better than new!

    Hardly a sistership of Trinidad though, except in general profile. The design lineage as stated by Bob S. goes Lady Gay/Wirihana>Motunau>Kotanui>Trinidad, with the design evolution and focus being a flatter run aft in each iteration to reduce the size of the stern wave

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  6. If Harry Julian is up there looking down, I’m sure he’ll be smiling as she was his pride & joy for so many years, before he bought the very large motor yacht. KUDU.– She replaced the ORARI II (which was his first pleasure craft), for Harry H. — KEN R

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