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The top photo above (ex Lew Redwood fb > Winkeman – Akl Museum) shows the 1912 Arch Logan built launch Doreen, named after Arch’s sister, later to became Haku & then Coquette (as she is today).

Coquette was the ‘base’ for the Logan 33 f/glass production boats.  In the second photo (ex Alan Good), we see her c.1945, sporting her WWII reporting number – 201. Also of interest in this photo is the addition of the dodger fitted in the summer of 1926/27 during Fred Cooper’s ownership period. Fred also installed a 25/40 sleeve-valve Loew-Knight engine at the same time. (details ex Harold Kidd)

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Launch Number CoquetteCoquette

Coquette, 1912 Logan designed . Coquette was used to take a mould off for the popular Logan 33 f/glass replicas e.g. Lucille, Lady Dorothy, Lynette.
The early shot ( with number 201) with dodger would have been taken c. 1926

Update from Robin Elliott 

Coquette was launched as Doreen in 1912, built by Arch Logan for his brother Robert, who named her Doreen after their sister.By 1915 (??) she was named Haku & renamed Coquette c1923.That b&w photo above was taken c1942 or so and carries her wartime number. 

Around 1945 Bill Couldrey (one of Arch Logan’s preferred boatbuilders) was asked to modernise the cabin and superstructure and this is what we see on her today. He got the curves and proportions just right. This revamped design of Bill Couldrey’s was also copied for the GRP Logan 33’s.

Photos of her as Doreen can be viewed in the book ‘The Logans – NZ’s Greatest Boat Building Family’ & as Coquette in the book’Vintage NZ Launches’. Both books by Harold Kidd & Robin Elliott & still available in good book stores.
Photo added as Coquettee c.1964, ex Ken Ricketts 15/10/2014
 17-03-2016 photos ex trademe